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Happy September everyone! I can't believe we're already this far into 2017 but with the dawn of another month there's so much to look forward to. From back-to-school, which I know isn't everyone's cup of tea but something I think we should really cherish and be eternally grateful for: a good education, as well the leaves browning on the trees and the nearing of autumn (I'm SO super excited for this one but I'm going to save it for a while as we should probably embrace the the last moments of summer). However for most of us girls each month also brings about our periods. Yep, I said it with absolutely no shame, no skipping around it because to be quite frank it's a fact of life, it's healthy and it's normal. For some of us it really really sucks. I seem to be a lucky one that doesn't get too badly effected but I've been there: cramps, mood swings, pain and just generally feeling awful, so to anyone who is filled with dread of mother natu…
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I, like it seems many other people my age, really like ripped jeans (especially baggy ripped jeans), they just seem to fit my shape quite well and I feel comfortable and confident in them. However, I always reach a point with my ripped jeans where the rips are just too big and the whole garment has become wayy too baggy for them to be flattering... not great.

If you haven't realised already it's pretty important to me that I don't just throw things away, especially with clothing items and in the world we live in these days it's actually super easy to either recycle what you wear, sell it or donate to a charity shop (I'll definitely do another more detailed post on these points if you'd like? let me know in the comments). Last year I bought a pair of mom jeans from River Island as they seem to be a company which design and make jeans that fit me perfectly (they're also pretty good ethically too: read more here), however after A LOT of wear I haven't bee…


I can't remember when I started wearing make up daily, I think - for me - it was a gradual thing and even now I don't wear it seven days a week. I probably slap the products on my face Monday to Friday and even then not particularly much (unless I fancy a bit of a glow or definition).  Make up has become a key part of my morning routine. I wash my face, eat breakfast, get dressed and then do my hair, do my make up. It sets me up for the day and makes me feel put together. I wouldn't call it a necessity for my day to get going, I often don't wear it at weekends or even right now (midweek as I'm writing this) because I'm on study leave but it adds a little something extra to my morning routine and I love the way it enhances my natural features. Draws attention to the things I like about myself, rather than the parts of me I'm not so keen on. 
Like everyone, I have my insecurities. I don't often talk about them but they're there, so if you'd like …



The evening is my happy place,  when the world switches off. all the birds stop tweeting and all noise is lost.
The weight of the day is lifted, my surroundings are at peace, with every minute that passes I begin to breathe.

A frame of fairy lights twinkles,
the moon comes out to play,
all my worries fade, it's the end of another day.


Today's post: a full guide to slowing down in a busy world and living for the most minutes of the day.

I'm not going to pretend to be an expert, I definitely don't know how to make the most out of every second of every day. I don't think anyone ever could. We need to make time for the 'boring' things which keep us healthy or happy. We also need to feel emotions, and when they're negative it's very hard to not feel like the we're wasting precious time, be assured you're not. However what I am going to say is that I'm trying to do is capture the best moments and living for the most minutes in our day by giving myself and my all to everything I do when I do it.
I've accepted that when I do that it may come across as obsessive, it may come across as full on, it may be too much at times but I'm going to live my life for me. Not you, not my neighbour, not my best friends or any boyfriend I ever have. As, you see, these people may (or may …


Pinch, punch first of the month, happy June babes!
2017 is flying by and I'm struggling to catch it, sometimes it feels like I'm running of a treadmill and although I'm just about keeping up, the speed is slightly too high and there are moments when my little legs are struggling to carry me forward. I'm currently half way through my external AS exams in Biology and Chemistry: two down, two to go (wish me luck!) and the little friend that is stress keeps popping up at the most inconvenient of times so June is becoming my month of self love. If I've learnt anything this year it's to start caring for yourself and doing things to make you happy (nurture your mind) and healthy (your body is a temple). Note: happiness and health are no one size fits all and what works for you/me/anyone won't always work for someone else.
Self care, self love, self anything is really really difficult. I try to put so much help and energy into other people that I often forget to t…


Thursday Thoughts is back, shout it from the roof tops, jump for joy and don't forget to email me ( if you would like to guest post!  I hope you guys like my new blog design, it seems to be constantly changing so I'm not too sure how long this one will last but for now I'm really feeling the yellow (especially with summer coming closer and closer!). I'm trying a new direction with my blog, so expect posts with more photos and less text, apart from on Thursdays, they're for my thoughts.
much love, em x