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The Twenty-Fourth | Christmas Tag

It's Christmas eve and I am super excited for tomorrow! I hope you have enjoyed blogmas and that you have enjoyed reading at least one of the posts, so here is a Christmas tag, enjoy!

Favourite Christmas Film? Elf. Sadly I don't own it on DVD but it will be shown multiple times on TV in the run up to Christmas. It's got the perfect mix of everything and is really funny!
Have you ever had a White Christmas? Yes, I think snow completes Christmas and although it doesn't snow every year we get lots of frost. I think its just the icing on the cake and so magical if it snows.
Where do you usually spend your Holiday? It's been a family tradition for a few years now to go to Center Parks a few days before and visit family on the journeys there and back. Apart from this little trip Christmas is spent at home or at families houses.
Whats your favourite Christmas Song? I don't have a favourite Christmas song.. There are so many and each one reminds me of different things…

The Twenty-Third | Festive Nail Varnish

Glitter Nail Varnishes:
(Pink) Limited Edition E - Barry M
(Gold) Limited Edition F - Barry M
(Gold) 002 Full Metal Jacket - NYC
(Silver) No Name - Primark
(White) No Name - Primark
(Purple) 505 Wild Purple - L'Oreal Paris

Non Glitter Nail Varnishes:
(Green) No Name - Primark
(Deeper Green) Dork - Claire's
(Red) 030 Double Decker Red - Rimmel London

I love painting my nails for seasons, so pictured above I have my favourite festive nail varnishes.. Which I use for Christmas and New Year. Lots of them have glitter because if you can't go glitter crazy this time of year then when can you! Whats your favourite/most worn festive nail varnish? Do you want to see a full nail varnish collection? Let me know in the comments below!

The Twenty-Second | A Last Minute Gift for a Friend

This is a really quick gift to put together if your running this last minute.  All you need to do is get the persons favourite chocolate bar or sweets and wrap a strip of wrapping paper around it and some money around that. Finish it off with a ribbon and you have a simple but thoughtful gift for a friend.

The Twenty-First | Why I Love Winter

Its December 21st which means according to calenders, WINTER HAS ARRIVED!!
I love winter, it's a greats season that brings so much that I wanted to share what i'm looking forward to this winter:
Christmas Scarves, Hats and Boots Possible Snow Candles Christmas Films Hot Chocolates Blankets and Books Comfort Food Less Showers and More Baths Shorter Days New Year Fireworks
What are you looking forward to?

The Twentieth | Christmas GRWM

I don't usually wear make up on a Christmas day, as I spend it with family and eating Christmas dinner, so this is a look I would wear for a Christmas party.
Make Up.. I start with a base of concealer and brows. For my eyes I used Lion from the MUA undressed palette all over my lid. I then did a cat eye with Seventeen Make your Mark eyeliner. I then finished off with some of the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. On my lips I used Bourjois Lovely ROUGE lip stick in 15 Rouge Best, because who doesn't love a festive red lip!
Hair.. I went simple on my hair. I am going to dutch lace braid my fringe back into a messy bun. I think it's simple but pretty and keeps my hair off of my face.
Outfit.. For a Christmas party I wore a red dress from Dorothy Perkins. On Christmas day I am going to wear a Christmas jumper and black jeans.
I hope you have enjoyed this post and that it has given you some inspiration for Christmas.

The Ninteenth | The Great Lash Mascara

The Great Lash Mascara by Maybelline New York is something I have heard about many times and was eager to try. So when I ran out of my mascara I decided to try it.
All I can say is that it's amazing! Lets start with packaging: it's bold and bright, which my previous mascara's haven't been but I like it. I also think that it is the perfect size, you get lots of product but it's also the perfect size for travelling!
The mascara itself is really good and brushes onto the lashes with no problem. I have found it hasn't clumped and or had any fall down. The other day my friend asked me what mascara I was wearing and said that it looked like I was wearing really subtle, but natural false lashes, and that it looked gorgeous.

Have you ever tried this mascara?

The Eighteenth | LUSH Snowman Bath Ballistic

This is a bath ballistic that I got last year for Christmas and I think it's the best item from Lush I have ever tried. Sadly I haven't seen it this year and I would love to know if they still have it in the range this year. I found it amazing, it fizzed away into my bath and caused it to go a beautiful shade of deep pink/red. It also released small red, white and pink crystals too. A beautiful, warming Christmas scent drifted out of the bath too.
If this bath ballistic is available this year I will definitely be buying it again!

The Seventeenth | Spa in a Jar {Gift Ideas}

This is a really simple gift idea that's really easy to do and seems to have taken lots of effort. In the Jar.. It's simple to do. All you need it a jar, and some spa style products to fill it. I filled the jar with four products: a face mask, a bubble bath and shower cream, some bath salts and a homemade lip scrub (my blog post from the twelfth). You could also fill it will a candle, lip balm or nail varnish. To Decorate.. I used string and decorative tape to decorate the jar. As it was clear I think it would be good to wrap it in wrapping paper so they can't see whats inside.  Would you like to receive this as a gift?

The Sixteenth | Cinnamon Apple Crisps

This is such an easy and tasty snack to make this Christmas. I think it captures the scent and taste of Christmas. *Disclaimer: this isn't my recipe. I have searched around and found many recipes which I have based this one on.*
You Will Need: Apples Cinnamon Brown Sugar
Start by cutting the apples in thin slices and place out of a greased and lined baking tray. Now I sprinkle the slice with cinnamon and brown sugar. You can sprinkle over one or both sides. I then placed them in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius until they are crisp. I kept mine in the oven for 20 minutes on each side of the apple. I think they might have worked better if you put the oven on a low temperature and cooked them for longer.
Let me know if you have a go at making these!

The Fifteenth | Little H&M Items

Outfit 1 | Chilling at Home Over sized Jumper - H&M Leggings - Primark

Outfit 2 | Out and About Parker - H&M Cropped Jumper - Top Shop or Cardigan and Top - Primark Skirt (small) - H&M
One of my favourite High Street stores is H&M. They have a wide range of clothes for many different styles and everything is a reasonable price. I have bought many things from H&M in the past but I recently went shopping and bought some more items (pictured above) which I wanted to share with you! I put together a two outfits with the main items being from H&M.

Whats your favourite high street store?

The Fourteenth | Gift Wrapping

Yesterday I had a day of wrapping Christmas presents with my friend and we really tried to get creative. I always put loads of effort into wrapping presents, Birthday or Christmas, I tend to go all out with ribbon, string, decorate tape and labels.
I have three wrapping papers which I am using this Christmas: a brown package paper, another brown package paper with houses and snow (my favourite!), a shiny silver snowflake paper and a shiny silver winter animal and snow scene paper.
With the two brown package papers I tend to use string and ribbon or a bow. Where as with the a use shiny ribbon, which I curl using scissors.

How do you like to wrap your gifts?

The Thirteenth | Winter Fashion

I love the clothing that fills our wardrobes in winter: its super warm and comfortable. Although i'm not the most stylish person around (let's face it there's always going to be someone more fashionable then you!) I enjoy clothes and putting together an outfit I feel comfortable in so here are my current fashion essentials, enjoy!
Parker Coats. Parker coasts are in this year and I found one that I love from H&M. I bought the coat in dark grey and it also has a removable fake fur hood. I believe this coat is the right length for me and sits nicely. I would recommend a Parker if your looking for a new coat and H&M has a nice range of colours and fits for reasonable prices.
Circle and Patterned Scarves. Scarves are great and keep you warm, I love my knitted circle scarf, I wear it all the time. Patterned scarves are also available in many shops at the moment.
Skirts. I own a skirt from H&M which sits comfortably and flows down to just above my knees. I love the rang…

The Twelfth | DIY vanilla lip scrub

I had some left over containers and researched a vanilla lip scrub. I discovered many recipes, and found this one, I slightly adapted it and wanted to share it, enjoy!
You Will Need:
- Sugar
- Olive Oil
- Vanilla Extract
- Food Colouring
Start by adding some sugar to a pot. I used two tea spoons of sugar and then a few drops of olive oil. After thoroughly combining the two ingredients, I added a small tea spoon of vanilla extract and enough food colouring to turn it into the colour I wanted.
I found this scrub really good, it left my lips exfoliated and soft.
I hope you enjoyed this post and try out making this scrub!

The Eleventh | Winter Hairstyles

I tend to sway towards tying my hair back in winter but prefer to wear it down with a hat so here are some of my favourite winter hairstyles. A side plait, I think this is a great way to wear your hair, under a hat or by alone. I do a normal plait, fishtail plait or five-strand plait, depending on how i'm feeling or how much effort I want to put into the look. I also like messy buns, they are super simple to do and look great. I usually start with my hair in a side parting and dutch plait the front half of my hair until reaching my hair. I then start plaiting it backwards and bring it up to my head where I tie it into a ponytail which I them tie into a messy bun. Sometimes I create a messy bun lower down to. 
These are my two most worn hairstyles in winter, what are your's?

The Tenth | DIY Card Ideas.

I love to make Christmas cards, because even if you buy the present making a card shows a little bit of extra care and thought. Here are some card designs I have come up with or seen and recreated, enjoy.
*Disclaimer* I have seen these designs around and also come up with them based on items I have bought.
A Wrapped Present. You Will Need: Wrapping Paper, String, Decorative tape, Gift Tag Start by cutting out some wrapping paper to the shape and size of the front of the card and stick it on. Now I used decorative tape to look like a ribbon and some string.  Finally I stuck the gift tag on and you could write 'Merry Christmas' or add a Christmas themed decorative sticker.
Santa's Coming. You Will Need: Brown Paper, Decorative paper, Snowflake stickers, Santa's coming Decorative sticker I cut out some brown paper and stuck it down the middle of the card. Next I placed some decorative white and gold paper down the centre. I then added a Santa's coming sticker in the mid…