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Cupcakes & Cookies!

Welcome to my Blog -little space on the internet- this is my first post, so enjoy!
Its 2014 and love to bake so I decided to do some research and found these 14 interesting facts.
1. The largest baked cupcake weighed a ton and needed 600 pounds of frosting, it was baked in Washington, DC. 2. Winston Churchill suggested cupcakes be decorated with frosting, not lard (yuck, lard...) 3. The two most popular cupcake flavourings are Chocolate and Vanilla.  4. The World record for the amount of cupcakes eaten in 30 seconds is 29. 5. National Cupcake day is 15th December. 6. The oldest cupcake recipe was recorded in the 18th century. 7. (half way, how I like to decorate!) I prefer icing sugar to buttercream on cupcakes.
Cookies... 8. The Chocolate chip cookie was accidentally invented by Ruth Wakefield, a great mistake! :)
9. If you dunk a biscuit in a milky drink it will have 11 times more flavour.
10. 29% of adults claim to have scalded themselves when dunking a biscuit in hot drin…