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Tip Top Travel Tips

Here are eight little tips which make travelling that little bit easier (because we all know it can be stressful), enjoy!

1). Wrap your head phones up and place a small hair clip to keep them from getting tangled in your bag or pocket, it looks pretty and then you have a spare hair clip if you want to pin your hair back. - 2). Thread necklaces through straws to stop them becoming knotted. (you can cut straws down for bracelets too.)  - 3). Use buttons to keep pairs of earrings together (this looks so cute!). - 4). Roll up easily creased clothes, it also saves space (this really works, I tried it and I am never looking back!).
- 5). Put socks and tights in your shoes, to save space and it helps to keep your shoes shaped. -  6). Bring Dry Shampoo, you can buy mini bottles in a chemist (you never know when you might need it!). - 7). Store hair grips in an old mint tin or tic tac box.
- 8). Tape closed any products to stop spillage, even it they claim to have a lock mechanism (I wish I ha…

LUSH Pop in the Bath

This was the first Bubble bar I had ever bought from Lush and has a perfect spring time feel.
It contains: Lemon oil | which is uplifting and refreshing.Bergamot oil | which is uplifting and cleansing.Orange Flower Absolute | which is uplifting and has a floral scent. It has a floral and citrus scent and all the colours available have the same scent.  
I bought the white one with a pink flower on top, it didn't change the colour of my bath water, but I am not sure if the other ones would (as there were some very bright blues and greens). I got four uses out of this bubble bar, it created plenty of bubbles and I really liked it. 
I will be buying more of these this spring.