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I Love Cosmetics {Body Mist & Body Butter}

I was recently searching for a present for a friends and I came across I Love Cosmetics, they are reasonably priced and the packaging was super cute.

Body Mist: Raspberry & Blackberry
I love the scent of this body mist, there are other scents available for all the I Love Cosmetics products, I chose this scent because it appealed most to me in the store. It smells of raspberries and I have sprayed it and people have said how nice the fragrance is (I can't think of one time when I have sprayed this and someone hasn't asked me what i'm wearing). It lasts a long time and I think the product comes in a great sized bottle of 100ml because you can carry it around easily but it also lasts a decent amount of time.

Body Butter: Coconut & Cream
I was given this body butter by my friend and I was excited to try it, as I had just bought the body mist. I think the scent is really nice and you can smell it for ages afterwards, which is great! Its super moisturising and creamy. The…

Summer Bucket List!

Its summer, so time to relax and have fun. I have come up with my summer bucket list of things to do this summer, enjoy!

Outdoor Summer Sleepover. Instead of staying in a stuffy bedroom with your friends, camp outside. Make it feel great by playing your summer playlist, bring pillows and blankets outside and surround your little camp with fairy lights.

Picnic in the Park. Make up some of your favourite snacks and go with some friends to the park, listen to your summer playlist and have fun playing games and relaxing, take some photos and add them to a scrapbook.

Movie Night. Whether you have a movie night with friends, family or just by yourself watch one of your favourite movies or a film you haven't seen before with some tasty snacks!
Summer Scrapbook. Take pictures of things you do/did this summer and collect them all together in a scrapbook. Its a great way to remember all the fun you had.

Make Ice Lollies. Something cold, refreshing, delicious and healthy! I did a DIY post, which …

Recipes | Fruit Ice Lollies

Sometimes you want a refreshing healthy snack, so here are some quick and easy yet tasty summer ice lollies.
You will need:
Fruit | Of you Choice, I used: Strawberries, Kiwis, Apple, Grapes and Blueberries.
Juice | Coconut water, Orange, Apple or Water. I used apple juice.
Ice Lolly Moulds

1. Prepare the fruit, by cutting it into slices. If you are using fruit like grapes or berries you can use them whole.

2. Now place them in the moulds, I filled mine as much as I could.
I did different combinations of fruit with the apple juice: Mixed Fruit, Strawberry & Blueberry, Apple and Kiwi & Grape.
You could also try combinations like Sliced Orange and Orange juice.

3. Pour the juice over the top to fill in any gaps and this will mean that the fruit will freeze around the lolly stick, the smell coming from the lollies at this point was delicious.
4. Now place the lolly sticks in the mould.

5. Leave them in the freezer to freeze, I did this over night.

You now have some really tasty Ice…