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LUSH Creamy Candle Bubble Bar

This is a great bubble bar, it creates glorious amounts of bubbles and the ingredients make it smell of candy floss. Fair Trade Vanilla Absolute | This creates a sweet scent.Fair Trade Colombian Cocoa Butter |  Pieces of this melt to deeply moisturise.Almond Oil | Super Hydrating for the skin. I got two uses from this bubble bar, I found it created lots of sweet smelling bubbles. The cocoa butter really moisturised my skin and it crumbled easily under the running bath water. I loved this bubble bar but I expected it to turn the water pink and it didn't. I wasn't sure if it was meant to but I still really liked it and I can live without the colour. I will buy this bubble bar again but I am not going to rush to Lush to buy it as there are so many more things for me to try!

Create | Frame White Board Calendar

I have seen this DIY idea everywhere, so I decided to make my own. Here's how I did it, enjoy!

You Will Need:
- A Photo Frame (mine was 30x40cm, from Ikea)
- Wall Paper (of your choice)
- Paper Squares (or paint colour sample cards)
- Any other items of choice, to decorate
- Double sided tape

1. I started by backing a piece of cardboard (which fit to the frame size) with the wallpaper.

2. Next I arranged the paper squares (7 across, 5 down). After being happy with how they looked I stuck them down with some double sided tape.

3. I then stuck some different sized paper circles and some paper flowers down. After it was all stuck down I put the frame back together.

4. Finally, I wrote on it with white board pens, for this month.

LUSH Butterball Bath Bomb.

I love this bath bomb, the ingredients make it perfect for this time of year as the weather gets colder.
It contains:
Cocoa Butter Pieces | These are packed into this bath bomb, they melt into your skin and gives it lots of moisture.Ylang ylang Oil | This oil is used in aromatherapy to treat stress and to relieve anger, panic and fear. These ingredients work together to create a perfectly relaxing bath bomb. This is a smaller bath bomb and the price is reasonable for what it does. I found the cocoa butter did work really well in moisturising. The scent of this bath bomb was relaxing, due to the ylang ylang oil. I personally loved the scent and found that it lasted for a while.