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Chapter Two

As always.. let's start with a sunset! I don't think this picture quite captures the beauty of the deep pink sky though!
I bought Tanya's book and some of the Zoella Beauty products on a shopping trip, which you probably read earlier (it's here in case you want it!)
These are two pictures from when I walked to a gorgeous little cafe.. post coming soon!
These two are from a trip I took to London last weekend! I have a three part series coming!
These last two are photos I took today and yesterday and I just really liked them!
Wow.. February went so fast, I can't believe that it's the end of Chapter 2. Thank you so much for your lovely feedback on Chapter 1 (click here to see!). February was great, but I felt I didn't blog as much as I could have so expect many posts this March! I have loads planned and you can visit tomorrow to find out my Product of the Month! Share with me your picture of the month on Instagram (tag me: @emsirose) XO

LOVE, TANYA by Tanya Burr

There have been so many positive reviews on this book, so when I was on a shopping trip I bought it.  This is the perfect coffee table book, you can open it to any page and find something to read, I believe there is something for everyone.
This book has also made me love Tanya so much more. The first part is her life so far and it then goes onto beauty, skincare and more. The pictures are gorgeous and she looks stunning in every shot, it's got the perfect balance of text and images but also contains notes sections for the reader to document their own thoughts and feelings. My favourite sections were: Growing up (both parts 1 & 2). Life, Confidence & Happiness and YouTube. I think they were really interesting, along with the baking & recipes chapter. I love baking and it's something I find really enjoyable to do, alone or with friends and family. Over the past few years I haven't found much time to bake and this book has inspired to me to start baking more, aga…

What's in my School Bag? | Collab with GirlonScreenx

It's time for part 2! Last week I did What's in my Bag? This week we have swapped, you can click here to see GirlonScreenx's half!
So, What's in my School Bag? My school bag is off of ebay, in it I keep my.. Planner - For homework, organisation and my timetable. Pencil Case (from Primark) - With necessary equipment. Glasses - So I can see far away! Mini Make up Bag - Including: Hand Sanitizer and Cream, Powder and Tissues. School Books - Which I need that day! Lunch Water Bottle - Got to keep hydrated! Umbrella - If it rains.
This is what I keep in my school bag. What are your school bag essentials? XO

Saturday Shopping... Lush again?!

Saturday, 14th February I went on my first shopping trip this year! Obviously I've been into town and picked up a few bits and bobs but I got to some bigger stores and picked up a few hyped about products and things I want to try. I asked on instagram if you wanted to see what I bought and you responded with YES! It's my first haul style post, so I would love to have your feedback in the comments!
W.H.Smith LOVE, TANYA by Tanya Burr I had to get this and I will be doing a review very soon!
Superdrug just say YES, BEAUTY BAG by Zoella Beauty I really liked the design on this make up bag and it's a great size.
FIZZ BAR by Zoella Beauty I heard lots about this and can't wait to try it, review soon! I wish they had the candle in stock!
Boots LIP CRAYONS: HEARTBREAKER (red) & KNOCKOUT (pink) by Seventeen After I got Superstar for Christmas I really wanted to try some more in the range.
Lush (where I bought the most.. haha) ICKLE BABY BOT bath bomb This was so cheap and loo…

What's in my Bag? | Collab with GirlonScreenx

After all your amazing feedback on my previous collab posts I couldn't pass up the chance to do another one! This is a two part collab with GirlonScreenx (click HERE), i'm doing What's in my Bag? and she is doing what's in her school bag, enjoy!
So, What's in my Bag? My Bag is from T. K. Max, in it I keep my.. iPhone 4 Purse Keys Mascara | Barry M Lash Modelling Powder | Rimmel Stay Matte Lip Gloss | Tanya Burr Picnic in the Park Hand Sanitizer Hand Cream | Soap & Glory Hand Food Pen Notebook
These are my handbag essentials, sometimes I add other items too: A Book, Tissues etc. What are your Handbag Essentials? xo

Three Little Benefit Products..

Last month I wrote about three items from lush (click here) and this month I wanted to write about three products by benefit! I'm going to be writing about three products by one brand each month, enjoy!
These are the only three products I have ever used from benefit, two were given to me for Christmas, I was so thankful and happy! Benefit is a hyped about brand and I am yet to try out the they're real mascara (but my best friend loves it!) but these three products make me want to go and buy loads.
Girl Meets Pearl is a gorgeous colour and gives the skin a radiant, pearly glow. A little of this product definitely goes a long way! It's can be worn alone for a dewy natural look or on top of make up. I think it's great but I only ever wear it for special occasions and not everyday use. It is described as a primer, but I believe it works best as a highlighter, when placed on the check bones.
Benetint was a product I had heard about before being given it as a gift and I have…

January Product of the Month

If you read my blog last year then you will know that I did a seasonal favourites. It was good because I didn't have to put much effort into the posts as they didn't come up that often, but I have decided that I don't want to continue with them this year. So i'm going to share with you my favourite product each month. It's going to be a mixture of  beauty, skincare, hair and more. Let me know in the comments if this sounds like a good idea!
Superdrug Nail Polish Remover Pads have been a must for me these past two months. Through December I used them lots and continued to find them useful this month. Over the festive season I traveled to see family and if you read my blogmas post on the 23rd (which you can read here) then you will know that it's this time of year I paint my nails the most. These pads are easy to travel with as they are small and compact. You also don't need lots to remove any type of nail varnish, I can remove nail varnish off of both hands …