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March Product of the Month

I want to start by saying sorry, this post was meant to go up yesterday but I had the final concert before the Easter Holidays so I was super busy with that. Anyway, onto my product of the month.. Drum roll please *drum roll starts* the product of the month is *clash of symbol* I Love... Coconut & Cream body butter!
For those wondering a body butter is a moisturiser for your body. It's thicker than a body lotion and is creamier than a body lotions liquid consistency (I hate the way 'liquid consistency' sounds.. ehh). I apply this every morning, it's definitely become part of my morning routine and I apply it after showers because the hot water leaves me with slightly dry skin. It's soaks in quickly and I have found that a little of this body butter goes a long way, which great. The price of this brand is cheap but such great quality, I was so happy when I found it! For me personally, I like the scent of this product, it's coconutty and quite a few of my fr…

Chapter 3

I just really like the way this picture turned out! I just had to include a sunset. How cute is this well? I love Costa and I love the hot chocolates they do. Flowers are so pretty Maybe flowers will become like my sunset pictures for spring? (Posted to much.. haha) Some more 'flowers' but more like blossoms on a tree... This is the pink ring from 'Granny Takes a Dip' because it broke off I love how you can see the moon in this picture but the blossoms look gorgeous too! Definitely my favourite picture this month.
Hello! Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post, I know it's been two weeks since I've posted but it seems like forever. I'm back now and above are some of my favourite photos from this month!
I thought that I would also include a mini update too: March has seemed to fly by, several of my friends have had birthdays and I have spent lots of time with them this month. It's nearly Easter soon, so expect a post, maybe two if your lucky! E…

What I Wore: Easter Egg Hunt

So many of you want to see more outfit orientated posts, so here we go! I really liked what I was wearing on Easter Sunday, so I decided to start with that. Funnily enough, nothing I was wearing was from H&M and it made a pleasant change. I also think it's great for the upcoming spring months!
#OOTD My top is from Primark, I picked it up on Saturday when I went shopping (I always seem to go shopping on a Saturday...!) I really like it because you can wear it casually, like I did, or dress it up for an event. I chose to get it in white because I can wear it with most of my things but there was a selection of bright colours and a more creamy colour, so something for everyone! I paired this top with some of my new acid wash jeans, also bought on Saturday. I picked up a blue pair from Debenhams by a brand called ONLY. They're super comfy and go with most items... I'm probably going to start living in them.
#FOTD I was happy with way my skin looked so I didn't apply anyt…

The 2nd Blogger Tag | Liebster Award

Sorry that my last post was also an award but I was nominated to do the blogger tag (again.. haha) by ThinkPink (click on the name to visit, say hi!). I did it in January but these are a new set of questions and I have discovered plenty of blogs since then so I am doing it again.. I hope you don't mind! I would love to know if you have a blog, please let me know in the comments below!
The Rules. - Thank who nominated you: Thank You ThinkPink! - Answer the 11 questions they gave. - Nominate more bloggers (up to 11) - Notify them. - Write them 11 questions.
Questions by ThinkPink: 1. FAVOURITE COLOUR? Lilac or Peach 2. HOBBIES? Blogging (haha), drama and singing 3. DREAM JOB? I really don't know.. An Actress would be pretty cool 4. IF YOU COULD LIVE ANYWHERE, WHERE WOULD IT BE? Wow! That's a hard question! Australia sounds cool.. but I wouldn't want to leave here. 5. IF YOU COULD SPEND £100 IN ANY SHOP, WHAT SHOP WOULD IT BE? Lush or H&M (haha.. soo predictable) 6. F…

Recipe | Sweet Strawberry Smoothie

I made a smoothie and posted a picture on my instagram [@emsirose] asking if you would like to see a recipe and you said YES! I just used ingredients that were around my kitchen but it was also based on other recipes I have seen, enjoy!
YOU WILL NEED: This was only enough for myself.
1 banana
10 strawberries

1. I started by chopping up the fruit. I cut each strawberry in half the banana into slices.
2. I added this to the blender along with a table spoon of honey.
3. Two tables spoons of the yogurt were added on top. I used yeovalley peaches and cream yogurt because this was all we had. It had small chucks of peach in it too!
4. I blended  the fruit together until it was smooth.
5. I them added a table spoon of oats to thicken to smoothie.
I finished by pouring it into my glass, adding a strawberry to the side and sprinkled some oats on top!

It was delicious and I would love to know if you make it! XO

Infinity Dreams Award

I seem to keep being nominated for  these, it's a very nice feeling and I love the fact they all help blogs grow and give you the chance to discover new ones! This award is similar to the Blogger/ Liebster award but with a few different questions, enjoy!
I nominated by the lovely Lily from Meet Me in Melford (click here for her blog, I definitely think you should!) Thank youuu!
The Rules: - Thank the blog that nominated you (Thanks again Lily!). - Share 11 facts about yourself. - Answer the set questions. - Nominated more bloggers and set them questions.
11 facts about me: 1. I play the violin 2. I have a dog, she's a Black Labrador Lurcher Cross 3. My favourite make up product (ATM) is lip crayons. (Post coming soon!!) 4. I love being creative 5. If you don't know me then I may appear quiet/shy 6. I enjoy taking photos, because they capture special moments 7. My favourite animals are: PENGUINS, dogs and mice 8. I LOVE candles and fairy lights 9. My favourite social media s…

Saturday Shopping... Back in Boots!

Maybe I should make this a weekly feature.. haha. I don't go shopping every Saturday but I went into town with my friend and asked on Instagram if you wanted to see what I bought and you said yes! This is my second haul over here, you can see my first here, enjoy.
Boots This is the first shop I visited and I picked up three items! LIP CRAYONS: BOLD (orange) & PLAYFUL (pink) by Seventeen I now have all the colours in the collection.. (is that bad? It's only 5 colours..). My friends said they need to restrain me.. haha VOLUME PLUMPING MOUSSE by Toni&Guy This is my first ever Toni&Guy product, I found it on the reduced stand and I'm super excited to try it!
The Co-Op Pharmacy I always pop in here to smell the candles, because they have a range that I love. TULIPS CANDLE by Yankee Candle All the candles were 50% off and I really wanted to buy a spring scented one, so I bought this! To me it's the perfect spring scent and I can't wait to burn it.
Asda I decided I…

February Product of the Month

Soap and Glory Hand Food; It just has to be my product of the month. I've featured it in a few of my posts this month, I didn't even realise I had used it so much until I saw it lying on my bed and thought about how much I picked it up! (click here for a surprise posts I feature it in!).
I love this smell of this product! It has the smell of the 'original pink' fragrance, which lasts on you hands quite a long time! I find it isn't greasy and a little goes a long way. The sample sizes are great because you can through it on your bag. It contains shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow (cool, I know!) which helps to moisturise your hands. I think it's a great product, I now own two: one for my school bag and the other to take anywhere I need it!