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Chapter 4

How cute?!
 Pizza is my favourite!
 I went on a holiday with some of my favourite people.. and dogs!
These purple flowers are for a very special person.
I took a trip to Alton Towers and went on the Smiler.. twice!
Wow! April went so fast! How was yours? XO

LUSH Ickle Baby Bot

One of the cheapest bath bombs by Lush is the Ickle Baby Bot. I picked it up because it was super cute and a very appealing vibrant blue shade. I used it in one of my baths recently and really liked it. Although the website says it was designed for children because of the lavender and ingredients for their sensitive skin but I would totally recommend it for any age.
It fizzes at a speed that isn't too fast or slow and turned my bath a light blue shade, which I really liked. The bath bomb is great for sensitive skin and very gentle, so if you usually avoid bath bombs because they can be irritant for this skin I would try this. A small about of bubbles were created too.
The lush website describes it as having a relaxing lavender scent which helps you sleep. I did find I slept really well after using the bath bomb! I also am not the biggest fan of a lavender scent but this was subtle and I really liked it.
I would totally recommend Ickle Baby Bot, have you tried it? XO
check out wha…

Top 5 Spring Picks | Collab with Mia Rose

Welcome back to another post! Thank you so much for your comments on my previous post. Today I have a collaboration with the beautiful Mia from JubileeCoast. We decided to share with you guys our top 5 spring make up products and you can click the links at the end of this post to go and say hello!

MUA shimmer highlighter | undress your skin I just had to include this because MUA has been so popular recently and I too have been loving it. This highlighter is so cheap and definitely worth your money. I believe it would compliment most skin tones and it leaves a natural shimmer wherever you apply it. How I use it: Swept across the top of my cheeks using the ecotools powder brush.
Rimmel London vinyl gloss | 730 cosmic How cool is the nail of this lip gloss? The colour is gorgeous and goes with anything. It has undertones of browns, purple, pink and although that sounds like a combination for bruised looking lips it looks stunning. How I use it: swept across my lips when I have a natural m…

What I Wore: Under the Sea

Thank you for my lovely feed back on my Easter Egg Hunt post! If your wondering about the title of this post, I wasn't actually under the sea and it's not about swimming. It's a reference to the top!
I picked up this top on Saturday, in Primark. They only had sizes that were to big for me but I grabbed it anyway as it was disney!! I really like the way it has a baggy fit and short sleeves for summer. As it was to big I wore a blue vest top from Marks & Spencer because it had the same blue shade to the top, it showed slightly and I loved the way that looked! I also wore some acid wash jeans but these ones were black and have rips at the knee. They're high rise and are by a company called Jail Bird. I bought them in Debenhams and they are super comfy, exactly what I was looking for.
With this outfit I wore my Barry M gelly hi-shine nail paint in Pomegranate and my Maybelline moisture extreme lipstick in 455 - Flamingo. XO

Mini Music Awards | Collab with Everything we didn't say..

I didn't post a collab last month but I have two (maybe three!) this month, exciting! Since R and L (click here to find out about R and L) came into science singing some of my favourite songs I have wanted to do a music post and when two of my favourite instagram accounts started a blog together and asked if I wanted to collab I thought it would be great to do a music post, yay!
We decided to do a mini music awards and thought up some categories, we have then each decided a winner and runner up, in our opinion, for each category, they're not from every artist in the world. Hopefully it will help you find some new music or will be fun to read! 
Click the Links! Everything We Didn't Say (Their Blog) - Laura's Instagram Naiya's Instagram Both these accounts are fan accounts, so keep that in mind :)
The Awards! *Lights flash and spotlight on host* 'Hello and welcome to the Mini Music Awards, we have many categories to get through, lets begin!'

What I Think: Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Last holiday... around February I went to GBK, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, for lunch. It was the restaurant near Tower Bridge, in case any of you knew it!As it was my first time going in there I thought I would share with you my thoughts! I have more posts from this holiday soon but I still need to get some pictures and collect them all together.
We walked in, I think at around 12:30, and they greeted us with smiles and happy faces! It's sound so cheesy but it does make a difference. We sat down and they brought us peanuts. This was a lovely gesture but my sister has a nut allergy, so perhaps this wasn't the best thing to do. It's not sever so nothing happened but just make a small mental note, if this effects you and you want to pop along. We ordered and I got a Classic burger, without mayo or relish, because they're not my favourite burger topping. With it I enjoyed some Skinny Fries, which are unique to GBK. I really enjoyed them and would eat them again! Another membe…