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Chapter 5

I took this picture accidentally... when my friend and I were going home after seeing Pitch Perfect 2.
I still love flower pictures!
This is from when I went shopping! You can read my haul: here.
This is because clouds are pretty and the sky has been VERY blue (not that this picture does it justice).
My mum and sister made breakfast - today - and it was delicious!
More flowers.
Flowers again.
My sister's birthday cake, which I spend all morning - on May 25th - making! Should I post a recipe?
Pizzzzaa! This photo was taken by my sister.. it's not my pizza.
The light in our dining room looks cool.. so I thought 'why not take a photo!?'
Finally... some more flowers.
Wow! I can't believe May is over already! I hope you guys had a good month. I managed to see family, go shopping and relax. I just want to warn you all that I have a few exams over the next three weeks (5 - to be exact!) so I might not post as often, but I have a few scheduled collaborations for you to en…

Collective Haul!

Recently, I have collected lots of things when shopping and it was highly requested on Instagram that I post a haul, so here it is!
BOOTS I picked up the Heat Protection Spray by Toni & Guy because I have just run out of my current heat defence spray. I also grabbed the Feather Light Moisture Spray by Sanctuary Spa, as I have dry and sensitive skin. I'll let you know what I think because it seemed interesting.
CO OPERATIVE PHARMACY Again I only picked up two products. They were both reduced by 90% and the first was some Wet Cleansing Wipes by Olay as it's always useful to have some! The second thing was a Glam Shine Stain Splash by L'Oreal paris in 400 eve. The colour is super summering but I am yet to try the formula!
WAITROSE I grabbed two, quite random, products from waitrose. The first was the Pure Skin Tonic, to test out and the other was a Beach Candle Holder because I thought it was cute!
SUPERDRUG I picked up a pack of Cotton Pads and a pack of Cotton Buds as …

What I Wore: Pitch Perfect 2

I'm always being asked for more fashion posts and after I uploaded two of these 'what I wore' posts in April I thought I would upload more! If you see anything that you like in these posts then buy it because if you like what you are wearing then you will wear it with more confidence and that makes the outfit look even more stunning on you!
OUTFIT I wore a top from H&M (haha, predictable!). It's a black and white crop top with sleeves to the elbow and a slightly high neck line.  With this I wore my black high wasted acid wash jeans by Jail Bird. I picked these up in Debenhams and they have rips at the knee.
As I went to an evening view of Pitch Perfect 2 I cleansed my face and remove any previous make up with some of my Olay Cleansing Wipes.
I then moisturised with my Boots Vitamin E day cream.
Next I finished with one spray of my Sanctuary Spa Feather Light Moisture Spray. This gives me a smooth moisturised base for make up.

I don't wear heav…

Note to self: clean make-up brushes

I'm going to be honest now and say I'm EXTREMELY lazy when it comes to cleaning my make-up brushes. (yes, that did call for capital letters). Luckily, I don't wear make-up daily so it doesn't really matter if I go a few weeks without cleaning my make up brushes, because I don't use them. Although that's the case, for me, it's still important to wash you make up brushes. Here's how I do it, enjoy!
Make up brushes need to be cleaned to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. By cleaning your make up brushes you are reducing the chance of getting spots because your applying make up with a clean brush. You should wash you brushed around once a week, or if you are a make up artist then after every client.
I use the yellow johnson's baby shampoo. It's one of the most recommended on the internet and I think it works great!
I start by wetting my brushes, avoiding the metal area because you don't want to loosen the glue (TOP TIP: point them down wh…

Summer Q&A | collab with My Life in a Blog

Holly - from My Life in a Blog - recently asked me if I wanted to collab, and obviously I said yes! We decided to do a Q& because they're some of my most popular posts! You should pop over to her blog and say hello, I'll leave a link at the end!

I asked my instagram for summer related questions, you can follow the accounts by clicking on them!

Favourite ice lolly? (@jubileecoast)
I really like twister or home made ones! I did a recipe last year, you can check it out HERE.

Favourite refreshing drink? (@jubileecoast)
Probably peach ice tea, other than that I only drink water.

Top ingredients for a smoothie? (@_natashalloyd_)
I love putting strawberries, blueberries or mango in a smoothie.

What's your favourite summer activity? (@thelifeoflovelyblog)
I like going swimming or walks with friends!

What is your favourite summer dress? (@twilightcth)
I bought a summer dress from Dorothy Perkins last year and I think it's so cute!

What is your favourite summer beauty product? (@…


Before we get into this post I just wanted to say how incredible you have been with you comments on my last two posts, thank YOU so much, it fills me with happiness!
I saw this tag on Tanya Burr's YouTube channel and I really enjoyed watching it. I thought because I haven't done a tag or anything skincare related for the last few months I would do this! If you would like to here an updated skin care routine let me know in the comments!
How would you best describe your skin? My skin is sensitive and at the moment a bit dry but it has been oily at some points too.
What are your main skin care concerns? Probably red patches, I get a few of those sometimes.
What's the weirdest natural ingredient you have used in your skin care? Lush sometimes use quite random ingredients.. cocoa butter or rhassoul mud.
How do you define happiness? Being content and enjoying what your doing and who your with.
Describe your skincare routine in 5 words. Lotions (and potions haha), fresh, thorough, mes…

It's the little things...

It's the little things in life that make us happy. I agree. Sometimes life becomes to much, we forget what's important because we are trying to appear strong or live up to expectations. I think its so important to remember ourselves and what makes us happy. Here is a list of the little things in life that make me smile: (I've gone into more detail on some because they're quite exact, haha)
early mornings the sound of rain tapping on the roof when your cuddled up indoord bubble baths sweet scented candles taking photos of sunsets drinking a fresh home made fruit smoothie having crazy dance parties letting my friends do my make up or hair freshly washed hair buying the 'perfect outfit' not wanting to put down a book reading blogs snapchatting or facetiming my friends listening to birds tweeting sitting outside on summer evenings family camping trips having a tidy room removing make up cuddles scrolling through my instagram feed watching a film with a big bowl of…

Note to self: take a bath

I'm starting a mini series, yay! It's called Note to Self: ... and it's just going to filled with little things we need to do and enjoy. Everything I write about might not apply to you but they're little 'notes to myself'. I'd love to hear yours in the comments.

Today I'm starting off with 'take a bath'. I don't mean wash.. I do that everyday! I mean have a relaxing bath. I realised that although I go on and on about how much I love relaxing and write endless posts on Lush products or my latest bath bomb buy but I never wrote a post on how I use them so this is my 'guide to a perfect bath'. In my opinion.

I start by running a nice hot bath. I always add bubbles and today didn't use anything special but some none scented bubble bath.
When the bath is run I usually throw in a bath bomb. Today I chose the Lush Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb, I reviewed it recently and you can read it here, if you want.
When in the bath I usually deep cle…

April Product of the Month

Sorry that this post is late, I have many reasons but I wouldn't want to bore you all.
I was struggling what to pick this month and as I was looking back over my previous posts I realised that I had only done skin care products, when I wanted these posts to be a mix and for everyone and anyone to enjoy.
So I chose Galaxy cookie crumble chocolate. Galaxy chocolate is smooth and creamy, I think the cookie pieces really add something to the chocolate... it's just delicious. I would like to point out that I shared the bar with friends and family.. I was not being greedy haha. I also love the pink/purple touches to the packaging.
This post is basically a shoutout to chocolate, what's your favourite? XO

Q&A | collab with TheLifeofLovely

Today I have a collab with the wonderful The Life of Lovely. I love her blog and you guys should all pop over and say hello! There's links at the bottom of this post.
We decided to do a Q&A and asked each other beauty related questions. Here are mine and my answers, i'd love to hear yours in the comments.
What is your favourite mascara? I'm currently loving The Great Lash by Maybelline but it's always changing!
What are your top 3 make up brands? Seventeen, it's so cheap and I feel it's so under appreciated. Benefit, I know is expensive but it works! No7, it's middle price but the packaging is so pretty.
Who is your favourite Disney princess? That's so hard! I like Aurora :)
What would your three wishes be? 1. That everyone has a happy and healthy life.
What is one beauty product you would always recommend? Benebalm by Benefit, it's pricey but AMAZING
What is your signature scent? Tideland Beach by Hollister
The last thing you bought? A black b…