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Chapter 8

August seemed to fly by (like almost every other month). I have decided to dedicate this Chapter 8 post to my holiday, which occurred in the first two weeks of August - because so many of you wanted to see pictures. I also haven't taken many photos since, so the ones I have taken you can view on my instagram feed (@emsirose).
My family and I took a trip to Germany and The Netherlands. We spent a long weekend in Berlin (which is a city I would definitely visit again). As always - here are the photos! 
This was from the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. There are 2 711 concrete blocks built into the city - you could easily walk through it and not notice it was there. I found the whole place fascinating and could write a short post on it, haha! 
I took this outside of a little shop in the Hague, how cute?!
The Hague 2.0
 It was so hot so we looked for shade everywhere!
 You've all seen this photo before, but who doesn't love the seaside?
Love locks on the Berlin Wall.
right now,…

Back to School | What's in my School Bag?

Back in February I wrote a What's in my School Bag? post and it is still one of my most popular posts. If I'm honest, I'm not that proud of the post because the photography is awful (the lighting makes me cringe) and it's not a very detailed post - so with all that, here is an updated version!
I have now got a tote style bag for school. I like it because it carries all my books with a little extra space to spare. I also really like the colour's (although white can get dirty fast) and it's very strong.I bought it off ebay and I'll leave a link to it at the end.

I have to keep my school books, planner and (for me) glasses in my school bag. A pencil case as also an essential for school. Mine is from WHSmith - as you may have seen in my Stationary Haul post. In mine I like to keep a Calculator, Scissors, Pencils, Highlighters, Pencils, Protractor, Ruler, Compass, Rubber and Pencil Sharpener.
Along with this I own a pack of 12 Fineliners, which are useful for m…

Back to School | A Chit Chat

I can't believe that tomorrow is the last post of my back to school week. Thank you for all your amazing feedback. I'm going to finish with a What's in my School Bag? so come back tomorrow to read that. Today I thought I would talk a bit more about school for me. Answer a few more questions which I got over this week and also just chat a bit - who doesn't love chatty posts?
My favourite day of the school year is definitely the first, not only do I get a lie in (always nice!) but it's when you receive your timetable, planner and see your friends. For me this year is very important, I'm going to have a lot of exams, controlled assessments and work. With all that I am going to be doing a MASSIVE revision post (as requested) to try and help any of you who may be in a similar situation or who may have it all to coming.

Here is a summary of my top tips for school this year:
1. Stay organised, try and use the resources that school provide you with (a planner) to stay…

Back To School | Hacks

Thank you for my response on my previous back to school posts, there's still a few more to go! I thought I would dedicate a post to some tips and tricks which may come in hand for school this year - so here we go.
1. place some ice cubes in a cup before going to bed. I place around two to three ice cubes in a cup with NO water. They melt as you sleep and when I wake up in the morning I drink it, to refresh and wake myself up.
2. place your phone on the other side of the room. This may seem like an obvious hack and something not worth doing but trust me - it makes all the difference! This is because you have to get up to get it.

3. set ONE alarm. I know it might be nice to drift back off into a sleep and wake up a bit later but it is bad for your sleep cycle and makes you feel more tired.
4. if you want your shoes to smell nice then a pop a tea bag in them over night. 
5. set your alarm clock earlier, so that you think you are running late, this gives you more time - but it doesn&…

Back To School | Preparation

I thought I would do a slightly more chatty post today and talk about how I prepare for the first day of school. Every Sunday I like to follow a simple pamper routine to prepare for the week ahead which you can read about in my Note to self: take a bath post. 
A Week Before: I like to start a week before by going to be earlier and waking up earlier because the holidays mess up my sleeping pattern a bit. I also make sure to clear the last three days before school so if I need anything or an emergency pops up them I'm free! I also ensure to pick up some stationary pieces (even if it is only one or two) to make me excited! I did a haul yesterday.
The Day Before: The day before I like to pack my bag - I'm going to do a What's In My School Bag? later this week. I also have a pamper night, following my Note to Self post. I think it's important to relax and unwind, so that you feel ready to face whatever is thrown at you in school!
That Morning: I'm lucky and I have the …

Back To School | Stationary Haul

I have seen a lot of stationary hauls this year and thought I would add one to the mix! Some of the items I got for my birthday but think are cute and useful, so thought I might include (thank you for the items).
So the first items I got, as pictured above, were some neon sharpies. I thought that these were a good alternative to highlighters as they are thin and will fit into a pencil case. I also picked up a pack of 4 HB pencils from the Lexi range. Finally, for my birthday, I was given a pack of 12 fineliners and the pencil case. All of these items were from WHSmith.

The folder which you can see in the background is from Tesco, I thought it had a cute pattern and I could use it for storage. I also grabbed a purple Helix Nano Curves set from WHSmith because I needed a compass and protractor for certain lessons and exams.

I have never really seen any cute patterned plastic dividers so when I saw these spotty and striped ones from WHSmith I picked them up, just in case I needed some!

Back to School | Make Up

I thought I would share a make up look for those of you who would like it. I don't wear make up everyday to school - sometimes I pop on a bit of concealer and mascara but it remains very natural. You shouldn't feel the need to wear make up to school - especially not to impress anyone. However it can add a bit of fun to your morning routine, which is why I enjoy doing it. I've tried to keep all the products cheap for students on a budget - let me know what your staple make up product is for school.
I like to start off with a primer. I find that it keeps my make up longer and I have really been loving the No7 Beautifully Matte Make Up Base. Although I have dry skin this still works well for my skin and leaves my skin smooth and matte - which I find perfect for make up.
I then like to pop some concealer around my nose - removes redness, under my eyes - dark circles and on and blemishes. My current go to concealer is the Rimmel Match Perfection 2-in-1. I own the shade 030 Cla…

Back to School | Q&A

Today is the first post of my back to school week! I thought I would start with a mini Q&A - I asked on twitter and instagram for you questions and here you go!
I enjoy all my school subjects but if I had to choose I particularly like history and child development.

I ALWAYS opt for a messy bun if my hair isn't working that day. I usually just twist my hair around itself and then secure with a hair bobble as if I am tying a ponytail - if that makes sense.

I'm not particularly dreading any subject but I am dreading the amount of work in English.

I could dedicate a whole post to this! I would definitely say to find a methos that works for you. Take an online quiz to find out what type of learner you are and this should help narrow it down. I enjoy teaching people and writing out pages of neat notes in different colours but for language exams I prefer to listen to a recording.

Like anyone, I'm nervous because they're particularly important this year but you have to re…

Three Step Skincare

I posted my last skin care post in December and I must say that it had become quite outdated. My skin type has changed a lot and although I don't have the most perfect skin I thought I would share with you my skin care. Before we delve in, my skin is dry and sensitive, I suffer from my fair share of redness and blemishes and I'm no skin care expert! I follow something (which I believe is quite popular, don't quote me!!) called three step skin care, where you follow three steps to cleanse your skin, I find this works quite well for me.
The first step is cleansing and for me I break this down into smaller steps, depending on how my skin has been and whether I have worn make up that day. Let's imagine that I did wear make up today... I start by using a make up remover to remove the bulk of my make up. I have particularly been loving the Pink Garnier Micellar Water (for sensitive skin). I just find that it breaks down my make up easily and without irritating my skin, alwa…

Hello I'm Back | A Little Chit Chat

It's been while and for that I'm truly sorry. My family and I took a trip abroad to Germany and The Netherlands, it was lovely, although EXTREMELY hot and sunny. I'm back now to the rainy days and drizzle (having said that today is quite nice). The pictures above are some of my favourites from the trip. I'm debating whether or not to dedicate a post to holiday photos, is that something you would enjoy seeing?  I would like to add a little thank YOU in here for all your lovely comments whilst I've been away it's the nicest thing to come back to and every little comment means the world.
Back now into the world of emsi rose, I have a few little projects planned. One of which I will be announcing later this year and although it's very stressful it is VERY exciting. All I'm going to say is that I hope you discover some new blogs! The other project will start a week today, yay! I'm going to post everyday for a week, as I said I wanted to do in my summer …

Chapter Seven

I can't believe July is over! For me, July was a great month: work experience (which I would encourage you to do if you get the chance), my birthday and the beginning of summer! I don't have that many pictures for this months chapter because I posted some photos on my 1 Week, 5 Photos post.

I worked in a wedding dress shop for my Work Experience and it was beautiful.
This Laura Ashley clock is just gorgeous and I thought the wallpaper was pretty too.
I went to giraffe with my Mum and Aunty. I haven't been for ages but really enjoyed this burger.
I just LOVE this photo of one of my favourite bath bombs - review here.

You probably saw this in my latest collaboration but I just really love this photo.

I'm on holiday at the moment and so I don't know when my next post will be up. I'll post as soon as I get back and reply to any comments!
Thanks for reading, how was your July? XO
*clears throat* I feel that my blog post has been swamped in col…