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Happy Halloween Plans | Collaboration with Jubilee Coast

There are so many things I love about Halloween: dressing up, make up, hair, the 'scare-factor' and general excitement that seems to fill the air. It's officially begins to feel like Autumn whether you're just carving a pumpkin, having a movie night, party or trick-or-treating! I don't know if it's just me but the dark night feels almost welcoming because everyone's out in the Halloween spirit and having fun! 
This Halloween it's no different (well, I might be a tiny bit more excited). I've constantly got candles burning and I think I'm going to carve a pumpkin tomorrow. I'm also taking the train up to see a close friend of mine who I don't get to see that often. She's having a Halloween party and I'm super excited because I usually have a little gathering with my friends, so it's something quite different. However there's still dressing up and I've decided to be a rag doll! There's a post coming all about that v…

Little Halloween Touches

I love to customise my room no matter what time of year and Halloween is no different.  I don't have to tell you but one of my favourite things is candles. In fact, I've already written a post dedicated to Autumn Candles, but they're perfect for changing the mood of the room without going all out with crazy decorations. My mum recently gave me the Lily Flame candle in Spook! and I have it burning right now. This scent captures pumpkin spice perfectly, without being too overpowering, there's also hints of sweet vanilla too, which - again - I love. You just have to embrace the pumpkin spice craze (unless you don't like it!).
I also think that you could easily subtly add some accessories. I own a pair of bat earrings which I bought from Claire's a few years ago and they're cute but not to out there, so I don't have to go crazy with make up or a costume if I'm not doing much but want to add a touch of Halloween, if that makes sense?!
For me, Film's…

Autumn Favourites | Collab with Lauren Joannee

I got home one day to find a message from the wonderful Lauren Joannee asking if I would like to take part in her collaboration week, of course I said yes and here is the post! I'll leave a link to Lauren's post at the end so you can all go and take a peek at the previous collaborations, enjoy!
I love candles any time of year but in particular in Autumn, I find they warm up the room and make everything seem more cosy, it's also October so that means Halloween! I recently picked up some mini Ghost tea lights from Waitrose, each one burns for 5 hours and although they aren't scented I find they add a nice touch to my room.
I also love boots, ankle boots are my favourite and I hope to pick up a new pair this year but I have two pairs of boots that are by Blowfish and are super comfortable.. The design also allows them to fold over and be worn in two different ways!
Make up wise I love love love berry and deep red tones. I have been wearing Tanya Burr's Riding Hood na…

Autumn Candles

I've got a love for scented candles, you can ask any of my friends and I thought I would dedicate today's post to my top three candles for this autumn for any of you that feel the same way, I've tried to cover all bases but I would love to know your favourite candle of the moment!
In no particular order I'm going to start with the little ghost candles. I bought a set of four little ghost tea lights from waitrose and contrasting to what I just said they aren't scented. I thought I would throw them in here because they're sooo cute and burn for up to 5 hours. They were also super affordable and great for those of you who get headaches with a heavily scented candle.

As much as I love all candle scents I find that vanilla can sometimes be a little too sweet so when I received this Pintail candle for my birthday (back in July) I was overjoyed to discover a vanilla scent I could never get sick of (or at least not yet). It's burning beside me and filling my room …

LUSH Intergalactic Bath Bomb

It's autumn and if your anything like me then that means more baths and more baths mean more bath bombs, so today I thought I would talk about the new Intergalactic Bath Bomb from Lush.
If your anything like me then you've probably had a lot of photos of this bath bomb floating about your Instagram feed. When you drop it into the bath it fizzes away into a lot of blue, pink, yellow and purple tones eventually leaving your bath water *spoiler alert* a sparkly dark blue shade.. similar to space, hence the name! The scent of this bath bomb is lovely and I'm not a fan of mint. It's refreshing and calming but not overpowering.  I will definitely be picking up this bath bomb again and again because it's not just an Oxford Street exclusive any more!
What's your favourite bath bomb from the Oxford Street range? XO

Berries, Baths & Bonfires TAG

Last month I said I would start posting on specific days because I'm so busy with school and many many other things, but I've decided to scrap it! Towards the end of last month I felt like I was beginning to post because I had to get a post up not because it was something I was inspired to write. That's why I have no product of the month for September. Anyway, I'm back posting when I would like and with a tag! This is a tag created by the wonderful Ellie and Emma. They joined together in their Autumn series and put this together. There are some wonderful questions - you should definitely check out their blogs.
FAVOURITE THING ABOUT AUTUMN? Blankets, comfy jumpers, fluffy socks, candles and so much more! I wrote a post on it a few days ago, here.
WHAT'S YOUR GO-TO AUTUMN EYE LOOK? Something neutral with a bit of shimmer. 
FAVOURITE AUTUMN LIP PRODUCT? Anything berry toned. I've been loving the MUA Matte Lipstick in Wild Berry a lot!