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Quick Classic Make Up | Collab with Rose Mae

This is a collaboration with the wonderful Rose Mae and we decided to post an autumnal make up look, although winter is fast approaching and there are days it doesn't feel like Autumn any more.  I've tried to develop something simple but classic and I hope you enjoy reading my version.
Start with a base. I only use concealer and powder and my go to products at the moment are the Collection Last Perfection Concealer and Rimmel London Clear Complexion Powder.
Onto the eyes. I usually pop some concealer onto the lid to even out the skin tone and then using my Seventeen High Drama Liquid Eye-liner. I find this the perfect shape to apply a thin line with a slight flick. Of course, I end with mascara, my current favourite is the MaxFactor False Lash Effect.
Fill in the brows. Using my Revolution Focus & Fix Eyebrow shaping kit I just fill in any sparse areas.
Sweep on the lips. Finally I added a pop of colour using my No7 Sheer Temptation Lipstick in Excitement, an old favourite fr…

Empties #2

Autumn has completely flown by this year! Although we still experience Autumnal days it's beginning to get so cold and we have been experiencing a little bit of snow which (sadly) hasn't stuck to the ground yet. I wish I was posting more but I'm experiencing school show rehearsals everyday and haven't had time to take photos, apart from now. I've just finished several products and thought I would share my thoughts!
Waitrose PURE Skin Tonic This is something I picked up after now having found any toner which worked for my skin. I explained in my skin care routine post as to why they're so important and I still stand by all the wonderful things I said about this toner. In fact, I've already gone out and repurchased it.
LUSH Charity Pot As you can probably tell by the picture, this is a sample product. After grabbing some bath bombs I was at the till and the lovely lady asked me if I would like to try this for a charitable donation of course I said yes! I don&#…

LUSH Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon

Today's been good, I've just finished cleaning my make up brushes and have some time to sit here and write a post whilst listening to the top charts on spotify! Some of my friends brought it to my attention today that I haven't written a bath bomb related post recently and as I've been meaning to talk about the LUSH  Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon for a while now, what better time?! I picked this up for the second time in September after Lush changed the shape of the bubbleroons. If you read my mini LUSH haul post then you'll know that I really like the new shape, however I was unsure of the yellow colour and how that would make my bath look...
The idea of a bubble bar, or bubbleroon, (in case you didn't know) is to get multiple uses by crumbling small sections under warm running water. They create bubbles and sometimes add a bit of colour to the bath - definitely one of the best value bath products available.  Out of this bubbleroon you get two, because it easily …

Bonfire Night

It feels like an age since I've sat down and properly written a blog post but, hey ho.. we all get busy from time to time. As it gets more autumnal and the days get colder, darker and shorter I've been struggling with photography because, due to many school show rehearsals, I've been getting home when it's dark! However on Bonfire Night that all changes. The dark sky is lit up with explosions of brightly coloured fire-works and the cold nights are warmed with bonfires. Every year my town hosts a bonfire night on the Saturday closest to Bonfire Night. This year, that was yesterday. There is a small collection of rides, hot-dog stands, live music, two fire work displays and (most importantly) a bonfire!

Fireworks used to scare me, loud noises, bright colours and explosives... However I've developed a love for them, as they light up the sky. I took most of these at the later display which was incredible! My favourite firework (if I had to pick) was one I was too amaz…