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15 Things 2015 Taught Me

2015 has certainly been different. It's had it's major ups and major downs but overall I think it's a year which has really changed me as a person, as cliché as it sounds, it's true: I've learnt a lot.
Ask. If you don't ask then you don't get. You may never know if the answer could have been what you wanted. I've been afraid to ask questions incase I appear rude but truthfully if you're polite then it shouldn't be a problem and you'll know the truth.
Change. Change isn't a bag thing. In fact, it can be good. It's incredible how much we grow and develop as people and most of the time it's a good thing, so we should try to accept it more in everyday life.
Speak. If you feel is something is wrong then you have every right to speak out and voice your own opinion. As long as it's not said to deliberately offend and put someone down. There have been times when people I know have said things I don't agree with and by explaining my …

Collabmas 24 | Christmas Outfit Inspiration

PICTURES COMING SOON It's the last day of collabmas, however it's Christmas tomorrow!! Simply Alice and I decided we would share with you three different outfits which you can get inspiration from.
1. Casual For those of you who want something inbetween to fit all! Black Vest Top - Marks & Spencer Black Skater Skirt - H&M Knitted Black, White and Grey Cardigan - Primark
2. Cosy Pop on a Christmas jumper and some jeans or leggings, you're sorted. Penguin Christmas Jumper - Primark Black Skinny Jeans - Debenhams
3. Formal If you want something a bit more formal, maybe you are going out to a meal, this is for you. Navy Peter Pan Collar Dress - Dorothy Perkins Cream Knitted Cardigan - Primark
Merry Christmas! Wishing you all the best in 2016. XO

Collabmas 23 | Winter Essentials

PICTURES COMING SOON It may be coming to the end of collabmas and for that I'm really very sad, however that doesn't mean winter is ending, so I thought I would share some of my winter essentials to help get you through the colder months and the new year!
1. Moisturiser As important as moisturising is all year round. Skin, especially mine, becomes quite a bit more dry in winter because of the colder weather. I think that investing in the right moisturiser or skin care routine can do the world of good. Back in July I was experiencing quite problematic skin and it was mainly dry. I picked up the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+, although it's expensive I love it and will hopefully have a post up on it in the new year.
2. Blanket Scarves I was looking for a scarf in November so that I was ready to embrace the cooler weather. Primark have an incredible range and I managed to grab a gorgeous one, which is super warm and quite big!
3. A Good Book As fun as it i…

Collabmas 22 | Christmas Day Make Up

My Christmas make up look this year is going to be very basic. I'm not going out but having a lovely family, homey day and want to look presentable in pictures, along with really enjoying the process of doing my make up in the mornings so have a few products I'm going to pop on my face in the morning.
L'Oreal CC Cream Revolution Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit - Medium Brown MaxFactor False Lash Effect Mascara MUA Matte Lipstick - Scarlet Siren

Collabmas 21 | Building a Gingerbread House

I think a perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit is by making a gingerbread house. Waitrose are doing wonderful sets which means you can get the dough, choose what to make, bake it and construct it. I chose to make a classic gingerbread house out of it and a few snapshots are above! XO

Collabmas 20 | Winter Wonderland

For today's post I've put together 5 photos which make me think of winter and are a collection of my favourite things during this time of year.
Sunsets. They're wonderful all year round and I know that I go on about them a lot but the sky is just so impressive that I couldn't not take photos of it.
Bubble baths add that warm winter feeling to a pamper night. You can kick back and relax, even better with a bright blue bath bomb,
Baking. Whether it's baking a batch of biscuits or cooking up some cinnamon cupcakes doesn't just make your house smell delicious but gives you a little treat.
 Brightly coloured fireworks. I think that says it all.
I love love love how trees look with out the leaves. The curves of the branches and silhouettes than can be seen against the sky.

Collabmas 19 | Decorating the Tree

I'm struggling the think of anything more festive than decorating the tree. I know people that would put it up on the 24th and take it down on the 26th however I see it as a challenge and a bit of fun. My parents usually wrap the Christmas lights around the tree and then my sister and I put the red, white and silver baubles on. We collect a bauble or two each year and my mum saw some little pottery robins so picked them up! XO

Collabmas 18 | The Perfect Manicure

I've got another gift Idea for you today and I hope it gives you a bit of inspiration. I love painting my nails and I would be flattered if any of my friends put together a little set like this for me.
I've picked two nail varnishes and a mini manicure set.  Both polishes are Barry M because they're so good but so affordable. You've probably seen but most nail varnish sets usually come with a base coat and top coat. So I think picking two out for your friends which you think they would personally like just adds a bit more thought to the gift. I chose the Barry M Nail Paint in Matte White along with the Barry M Limited Edition Christmas Nail Paint.  You can buy manicure sets from almost anywhere. This is just a floral patterned one with tweezers, nail file, nail clippers, and scissors.
What's your favourite nail varnish? XO
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Collabmas 17 | Hot Chocolate Mug

This is definitely for those of you who would like to make gifts a little personal but haven't got much to spend. That was me this year and I thought of this little idea, which you can as much or as little into as you would like. I'm going to show you the most basic version of the gift which you can build up and change to suit you and your friends.
It's essentially a mug filled with your friends favourite hot drink. All you need to do is pick up a mug. Which is how you can make it personal, they're not expensive and so many different designs are available. One of my previous collaboration partners wrote about how you could DIY your own plain white mug and this would be perfect for that! For one of my friends I picked up Velvet Ghost's mug from her Primark range. Now you need to grab something to go inside.. hot chocolate sachets are what I chose, but flavoured tea bags are great too. If I could have found some then I would have popped in some candy canes or indivi…

Collabmas 16 | A Day In My Life

Something I've never done is posted a day in my life. I think it's because most of my blog centres around beauty and what I think of certain products. I want to branch out a bit more and I think a little in site to a day in my life is the perfect way to do that.
Like most people I start my day my scrolling through my social media feeds. I keep my phone logged on to my blog accounts - all linked at the side! As I find that your little comments make me smile and start my day positively. Then I follow my morning routine: shower, wash my face, dress, eat (run out of the house for school!). Nothing special happens at school. I go to my lessons, talk to my friends and get homework. However after the school show ended two weeks ago the whole cast have been missing each other. There's nothing like making friends with people through theatre. Most of these people I would have never talked to and most of them have had such a positive impact on my life. We had a little Christmas part…

Collabmas 15 | Christmas Party Make Up

It's the most wonderful time of the year. There's an increased amount of parties and, for me, there's an increased amount of glitter. If you find yourself being invited to a party, or two, maybe more this festive season then I've put together a Christmas party make up look!
As always I started with my base make up. I decided I wanted to have something which provided slightly more coverage, as it's a party. My product of choice was the L'Oreal Paris CC Cream. It looks quite scary when you first start to apply it because it's green however it blend beautifully and gives a perfect, smooth long lasting base. I never mess up my brow routine, especially around party season so, as usual, I picked up my Revolution Focus & Fix eyebrow shaping kit.  For me, the eyes are the highlight of this look with golden glitter. All the colours I used are from the Barry M Natural Glow Palette 2. I swept the matte yellow shade across my eyelid and used the matte brown in my …

Collabmas 14 | Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

I love hot chocolates, however in winter even more so! They're my go to warm, tasty drink and I love them. With that I thought what better than to share with you one of my favourite twists on a classic hot chocolate which can easily be done at home.
I used a hot chocolate powder, ground cinnamon, hot water and milk.
I started by popping a table spoon and a half of hot chocolate powder. Along with this I added half a table spoon of ground cinnamon. Using some boiled water I created a paste and then continued stirring, adding the milk until the cup was full.  To warm it up I put it in the microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Then enjoy!
What's your favourite hot chocolate variation? XO
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Collabmas 13 | The Christmas TAG

What would collabmas be without a tag?! I had a bit of time so I came up with 10 Christmas questions. I would love to see your answers on your blog even if you aren't tagged! Lets get started.
1. Ever had a White Christmas? Probably, however not that I can remember. It seems to snow more in January and as much as I love that it's not the same, fingers crossed.
2. Christmas song you could listen to on repeat? I have two.. The Christmas Song, for some reason I find that this just catched the essence of Christmas. I could also play any version of Band Aid Do They Know It's Christmas? again and again.
3. What's your outfit for Christmas this year? I'll probably just throw on a Christmas jumper and jeans, but you never know.. I could get all dressed up, it would be nice!
4. Does your Christmas tree have a theme? Not intentionally. However all the baubles on it are red, white and silver, because that's what's been picked over the years. I love it because they're…

Collabmas 12 | Cotton Candy Lips #FOTD

Although most of collabmas is planned, I really couldn't plan this because then it wouldn't actually be a Face Of The Day. I never usually post these, but I'm not sure why because they're some of my favourite posts to read!
Today my skin was looking and feeling quite good so I used my Rimmel London BB Cream in Light. I have a love hate relationship with this product because sometimes it really works: concealing, long lasting and evening out my skin however other times I hate it.. today it made my skin perfect and didn't highlight any extra dry patches the winter may have brought on. I tried to keep this look quite natural on the eyes, however adding a little bit of sparkle, because I do love sparkle. My favourite eye shadow is the No7 Stay Perfect shadow in Wheatsheaf, it's so pigmented, glittery and has barely any fall down. I sweeped it across my eyelid and then using my No7 Beneath the Morning Skies Palette popped the dark brown shade in my crease to add de…

Collabmas 11 | When Bored This Winter...

You'd think that in the run up to Christmas it would be difficult to get bored, but it happens.. I mean we are all human. This is my little list of things to do if, like me, you find yourself getting a little bored this season.
Blast out Christmas songs and have a little dance. Take a walk to your favourite Coffee Shop. Clean out your make up or warbrobe. Bake or cook something and watch a Christmas film whilst tucking in! Blog. Make some Christmas cards. Wrap some Christmas gifts. FaceTime a friend. Run a bath. Read a book or magazine. Try some nail art. Write a to-do list and complete it.
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Collabmas 10 | 5 Product Make Up Look

I find it ever so fun doing my make up, especially in winter because I tend to lean towards and experiment more with darker and berry toned shades. Setting yourself little challenges is great and a look that came out of that is this little 5 products make up look.
I started with the L'Oreal Paris infallible foundation, mines in the shade 015 porcelain, I have just been using it as a heavy duty concealer and it works!  I then, obviously, filled in my brows using my Revolution focus & fix eyebrow shaping kit, I've talked about it so much! It's so good. The eyes are the main focus of this look and I used the Barry M Natural Glow Palette. I used the cream matte shade all over the lid, however mainly concentrating it within the inner corner. I used the sparkly dark brown in my crease and after packing it on used the matte brown and a clean brush to blend. I finally popped some of the glittery grey in the outer corner and lower lash line to balance everything out. Finishing…

Collabmas 9 | Christmas Room Decor

I'm sat in my room at the moment, Christmas candles burning, music playing and I thought what better than to share with you some festive room decoration ideas. Let's face it, Christmas is the best time of the year to decorate for!
Candles are something I always have in my room, however even more so at Christmas because they warm up a space and scented candles just add that little extra something. My favourite Christmas candle for this year is the Warm Welcome Candle by Lily Flame, they're one of my favourite brands for candles, I'm sure you've heard me talking about them.
Christmas cards are also an essential to making the room a little more festive. I have this lovely red heart shaped pictures holder which when filled with Christmas cards makes my desk space slightly more sparkly!
Fairy lights too, of course!
If you can, then I would definitely get hold of a mini Christmas tree for your room. If you have gifts for friends then you can keep them under there until …

Collabmas 8 | A Little Gift Trio

As much as I love giving gifts it can be really difficult to find something for everyone which is affordable but also slightly tailored to them. I've got a solution for all of you who love to DIY but for those of you that don't this is a lovely little set I got for my birthday and thought it could make a wonderful Christmas gift.
The Beauticology collection by Baylis & Harding do a wide range of products and scents which are all absolutely delicious. This one is a little trio with no exception.
It includes: - A Hot Chocolate lip butter, which may seem really strange but has a lovely sweet scent and amazing moisturising properties. - A Sweet Gingerbread body wash which smells divine and bubbles up nicely. - A Creamy Marshmallow Frosting body butter which, although isn't the longest lasting body butter I've used, smells gorgeous and has a long lasting but not overpowering scent.
This is the perfect mini gift for you to grab this Christmas! You could also mix and mat…

Collabmas 6 | Winter Playlist

I find that listening to Christmas music really puts me in the mood to party and I love winter! I thought what better than to share with you my Christmas playliss, so here are my top ten songs this Christmas!

Christmas Lights by Coldplay Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande Fairytale Of New York by The Pogues All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Sam Smith 2000 Miles by Pretenders A Spaceman Came Travelling by Chris De Burg Walking In The Air by Aled Jones Do They Know It's Christmas by Band Aid Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) by Julie London
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Collabmas 5 | What I Love About Winter...

It's list time again and this time I thought I would share with you what I love about Winter! There's a whole host of things which I love about winter because I really enjoy the colder months.
Fluffy Jumpers Fuzzy Socks Snowy Nights Winter Coffee Shop Ranges Warm Comfort Food Morning Frost New Year Christmas Fireworks Lighting the Sky Beanies Travel Coffee Mugs
I tried to keep this short but sweet! XO
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Collabmas 4 | Chocolate Cupcakes

It's the 4th of December and time seems to be flying by. I'm currently in the middle of the school show and we have three performances to go (including tonight!) I have lovely little collaboration with the gorgeous Grace Kate.
I love love love baking and at this time of year I enjoy it even more because as the day gets darker earlier I find something so relaxing and christmassy about it. A recipe I have been experimenting with this year was Chocolate Cupcakes and when I made these many people enjoyed them so I thought what better than to share with you!
The Recipe: 1 - Preheat the oven to 180°C 2 - Add 115g Caster Sugar and 115g Softend Butter and cream with a mixer 3 - Gradually beat in two medium eggs 4 - Sift in 115g self raising flower: replacing 2tbsp with cocoa powder and fold with a metal spoon until fully incorporated 5 - If needed add 1tsp milk 6 - Spoon into (usually 12) cupcake cases 7 - Bake in the oven for 15 - 20 minutes
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