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Product Empties

So it's come to the end of January and my oh my, hasn't it been eventful?! We can now tick Chapter 1 of 2016 off our list: done. Dusted. Complete. With January coming to a close, I've closed the lid on many of my products, probably never to open again because they're completely empty. All the product scraped from the bottom of the tub. Posts like this give me the opportunity to ramble on about products which I wouldn't have previously mentioned and I can give my full thoughts because they're finished! I've currently got them in a pile next to me and I'm just going to grab one and talk (or type). 
I'm a candle lover. I'm not afraid to admit it, I love candles and if I could have them burning 24/7 I probably would, but alas that's not safe (never leave a candle burning unattended please!). Lily Flame is a company that I've mentioned several times before because I love the quality of their candles so so much. If there are any fault I haven…

My Make Up Bag Essentials

Make up is something I only started wearing daily around August last year (she says sat here with no make up on). This means that for school I've had a little make up bag stored in my bag with some make up so that I can top up my make up and hide any pesky spots or skin problems (we all get them) as best as I can throughout the day. Sometimes I am too lazy and couldn't care less but on other days these products do really come in handy.
I find that larger make up bags are just too big and steal a lot of valuable space. So I'm using the Zoella Beauty collar purse, it's a perfect size and really well made. The colours are gorgeous too. I like to keep a concealer, which is self explanatory really. Currently I'm using the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer and loving it. It blends well and lasts all day but matching the shade can be really difficult because it comes out slightly darker than it looks. I also occasionally throw in a powder. My mum accidentally picke…

The Day It Snowed

The first snow of 2016 has settle and I can't begin to explain how happy that makes me. Winter has finally arrived. I enjoy going on walks all year round, whether that is with family, friends or alone. It's both relaxing and refreshing to unplug and appreciate the world around you. If you're like me then you might also bring a camera or your phone so that you can take photos and capture memories. Today I did just that with my family. However if walks aren't your thing then I've also thrown in a few other activities which I enjoy doing, especially in the cooler months.

There have been so many gorgeous photos of people in the snow appearing on blogs today but if it's cold I sometimes don't want to venture outside and decide to do something a little more cosy. Whether it's a few minutes or hours of time I have to kill, my go-to is always creating a bit of a pillow fort. Cooking up some pop corn or throwing together a fruit salad (depending on your mood) a…

The Experimenter Bath Bomb

I woke up today with quite a bit of a to do list and today felt lovely and productive, so sitting down and typing up this little review is a lovely end to my day. For a while I've not used a bath bomb which is very colourful as I just haven't been feeling it. However this morning I dropped in The Experimenter from Lush and watched it fizz away to create a sea of colour. I believe this bath bomb became available in store for the first time last year and as you may know, there was quite a few postiive reviews. I picked up back them and I'm using it now!

It burst into my bath and was very colourful (as expected). I loved the bright foam which settled on top of the water in pink, blue and yellow. I was a bit hesitant because with all those bright colours I thought that it might leave the water a very dirty, dark and unattractive colour but I was pleasantly surprised. The water was a lilac shade and had tiny bronze glitter pieces floating within it. The only think I'm not …

My 2nd Bloggiversary.

Wow. Two years ago today I sat down and typed up my first blog post. After pressing publish I never dreamed it would grow this much and the funny thing is, this feels like the very beginning because over the past year people have clicked on my blog link and said hello: left little comments and pressed follow. That's crazy.
I would describe the first year as quite. I wasn't sharing my blog or talking to anyone about it. I loved it that way, it was my own little space and I didn't feel any sort of pressure to post for people who were reading (not going to lie, I sometimes feel I should post a lot more).  However it's only seemed to get better. Since posting last years celebratory post. I've created a twitter, instagram and bloglovin account. I've reached over 13 000 page views (I remember hitting 100, 1 000 and 10 000) it still doesn't seem real, I've gained 800+ followers and have 630+ comments from you. My confidence, I have blossomed and you are to th…