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The London Collection.

It's the holidays hurray! Yesterday I got back from a wonderful three day, two night trip to London. I saw some sights, bought some stuff and had a generally lovely time. For once, I didn't take too many photos but I thought I would collect what I did take all here for you to have a look at. We arrived. Took a short trip on the tube to the hotel and then had lunch in Greenwich at a pie and mash restaurant. It was certainly an experience and the food was very nice but I probably wouldn't go back. It was then a short journey on the tube to Oxford Street, where I went into the three storey Lush store. It was wonderful and I'll be sure to write a post on it soon.
Woke up early. We started off the day by going to The London Dungeons. Wow, it's so well done and very interesting, there's quite a few historical facts and the actors are wonderful. I'd definitely go back. That afternoon we popped into the Tate Britain and had a bit of a browse, before heading off to…

Valentines Vanilla Cookies

It's Valentines Day today and I thought what better than on the day where we're meant to spread the love, than to share a lovely blog with you. So *drum roll please* today I'm collaborating with the wonderful Zoe Kins
I'm just waiting for my cookies to cool, so I'm typing up the recipe and I'm still not sure how I'm going to decorate them! I have a cute little recipe book from Next, which I received as a gift a few years ago called: 100 Irresistible Cupcakes and although this isn't a cupcake recipe it's tucked away on page 146 and I've wanted to make it for a while.
225g Plain Flour 150g Butter, cut into small pieves 125g Caster Sugar 1tsp Vanilla Essence A Dash of Milk (if needed)
1. Measure out all the ingredients into little bowls. If you can do this then I would, after completing the first few steps I realised it would have been a little more convenient. 2. Put the butter and flour into a bowl and rub together using your fingers. The reci…

A Pamper Night

There's currently a bit of a storm going on outside, but Call the Midwife is on very soon and that makes everything a little better! February is well under way and the new year can be quite stressful, I know that my work loads has increased, with exams and revision and coursework.  Occasionally (at least once a week) I like to pop some time aside to have a bath and apply a face mask or paint my nails (between 30 minutes to 2 hours), so I'm sharing with you exactly that.
My first step is always to just remove any clutter from my room. That basically involves clearing my bed and floor space. I'll then run a bath, whilst it's running I'll face time a friend or read a book. Once in the bath I'll continue to read a book, because I find nothing more relaxing. In the bath I also pop on a face mask. At the moment I haven't had time to nip to LUSH (cry because they're the BEST face masks!!) so I've been using the 7th Heaven Mud Pacs. They're not amazing…