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LUSH Prince of Darkness

Face masks are something which are a staple within my skin care routine and as you probably know Lush Face Masks are some of my favourite. I've been lucky enough to have every single one I've ever bought work well with my skin and the Prince of Darkness which I picked up from Oxford street is no exception to this rule. I was initially drawn to this face mask because it contains charcoal which I've heard an awful lot of positive reviews on from the skin care product world. The funny thing about this mask is that you get a totally different experience when using it to other current Lush face masks and it certainly wasn't something I was expecting. It doubles as a face mask and a scrub!
I've found that this mask always leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. After conducting a little bit of research I discovered it contains Kaolin, a scary sounding ingredient but it is a natural soft clay, often used in skin care  products and most commonly face masks. It's meant…

LUSH Oxford Street

Back in February I took a trip to London and whilst there I visited the three-storey Lush, which is located on Oxford Street. It's incredible so of course I picked a few things up and here's the a haul, which is a little over due.
Prince of Darkness Fresh Face Mask I love the Lush face masks as I haven't found one which doesn't work with my skin. They've all got different properties and this is another one which I love and I've not seen anything similar before. I was drawn to it because the mask is charcoal based and charcoal masks have been everywhere with people singing their praises. I've found this one no different it's always left my skin clear and cleansed. You really don't need a lot as a little goes a long way. The funny thing about this mask is that it doesn't set and because of the sea salt ex-foliates your skin as you remove it too.
Little Dragon Reusable Bubble Bar I believe this is an Oxford Street exclusive and I'm not too sure …

The Happiness Tag

I've seen the happiness tag floating around recently and then found out that the wonderful White Interiors had nominated me to answer and write up my own version - so here it is!  This tag is basically a list: there's a series of subheadings and you pop down what makes you happy. I would love to see ANY of you write your own version of this post and hopefully it will give us all a little more reason to appreciate the little things in life.
Reading allows me to escape and different books can take you into different worlds and teach you different things. Girl Missing by Sophie McKenzie This is part of a three part thriller trilogy and tracks the life of Lauren as she discovers who she really is. My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher This is a stand alone book I read a few years ago, it's about a boy called Jamie Matthews and how he deals with his life after the tragic death of one of his sister's. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephan Chbosky Just befo…

Donating My Hair

*takes a deep breath* Today, I'm donating my hair. It sounds silly to be saying it but I'm a little nervous. Over the past few months I have made the decision to cut off my hair and now it's finally happening. My hair's a massive part of me and those who know me will know that I am constantly messing around with my hair and seeing what other wild hairstyle I can pull it into. Milkmaid braids, dutch plaits and messy buns, you name it and I'll probably know about three different ways of styling it. However I've gotten to the point in my life when I'm ready for a change and with that change I want to help someone and make a positive addition to someone's life which I feel I am doing through my hair donation. I've chosen to donate my hair to the Little Princess Trust because they're such a wonderful charity who make real hair wigs for children who are battling cancer or suffering hair loss. Knowing the effects that cancer can have on a family, for …