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A Guide To Hair Donations

This post will be centred around the Little Princess Trust Charity, because that is where I chose to donate my hair. However there are many other companies and charities which take hair donations and have different regulations, so please be sure to check them.
Back in April, as many of you know (I recommend reading this post about it if you don't!), I donated around 9 inches of my hair to the Little Princess Trust. It was huge thing for me to do because my hair is such a massive part of who I am and how I present myself to the world. It was an interesting experience and something I would definitely do again. Since chopping off my hair I've received quite a few questions, from people I know and bloggers, about donating my hair and the steps I took to do it. It can be quite daunting and confusing but hopefully this will help you out if you're looking for any information. I'll also be answering any questions in the comments, because it's such a wide topic!
Choose where…

20 Things I Thought Today.

As people we have the wonderful ability to think up our own thoughts and make our own decisions. Even if it's sometimes difficult to draw a conclusion or choose the correct path to go down. When taking little breaks from revision or scrolling through my phone my mind seems to wonder and a whole host of thoughts pop into my head. 
1. Good morning world! I wonder what time it is? I hope I haven't slept in too late. 2. Time to start revision. Memrise is such a wonderful way to learn things! 3. Can't forget to snapchat my friends, got to continue that snap streak. 4. Isn't this shower refreshing?! How lucky am I to have warm running water. 5. Ew, knots in my hair. Should really brush them out. 6. I should probably write a blog post. 7. Revision guides are so very useful. 8. The sun always puts me in such a happy mood! Yay for summer! 9. I can't believe it was snowing 10 days ago! Now it's super hot! WOW 10. I should cook lunch, but what to have.?! (I had pasta sal…

Starlight Blogger Award

As I was browsing the world of Instagram a tag popped up in my notifications and I found out that the wonderful Blossom Of Hope had nominated me for the Starlight Blogger Award tag - Thank you! It's a pretty short tag where the previous blogger asks three questions and nominates six new bloggers. To me, this sounds like the perfect short, but sweet, mid-week post!
1 - What's your favourite thing to do in your spare time? At the moment I have little to no spare time because I spend it revising but I wouldn't call it my favourite thing to do! I certainly turn to blogging if I need some inspiration or just want something to do. You guys have always left me the sweetest comments and it always makes my day reading them. I also love the creativity and dedication you can put into a blog: as a whole or just one post. However I would like to steer away from the internet a little more because I feel like we're generation technology and need to appreciate life a little more, so I…