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Blogs are like Trains

I never thought I'd be posting a blog post similar to this one because I try to make and take each blog post as their own and my blog itself seems to fall under no category but I feel I need to write this for myself. For my own piece of mind.

I started this blog over two years ago, in fact, almost three years and I guess time really does fly when you're having fun. Those two years have flown by so quickly and I've only really been writing for an audience, thanks to some of my social media platforms, for a year and, my oh my, has this little space grown. I've received comments on most of the posts I've published since and there are people who actively choose to come back and say hello every time I post (they're some of my favourite people ever). I've discovered more blogs that I ever imagined the Internet could hold and I've loved every single one of them. You can't help but compare yourself but, luckily, I don't feel I have to compete to be bette…

Mary Berry's Chocolate Fork Biscuits from Tanya Bakes | Collaboration

Today I'm back with another recipe and another collaboration! I feel this is the perfect time to post a recipe because it's coming to the end of a lovely summer, I certainly enjoyed it, and school is quickly approaching. So, although I'm very excited to see all my friends again there are moments when it's not the most exciting prospect, so to bring ourselves up we need to treat ourselves and this recipe is perfect for that! The lovely LouLoves and I have decided to share with you a recipe from the Tanya Bakes biscuit section and I'll link all her social media at the end so make sure to pop over and say hello! 
You Will Need: 100g Unsalted Butter, softened 50g Golden Caster Sugar 150g Self-raining Flour 25g Cocoa Powder A Splash of Milk (optional)
Method: 1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celcius. 2. Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper. 3. Cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. 4. Add the flour and cocoa butter until well combines. Add mil…


18th July 2016. My beautiful friend Eleanor placed a birthday gift in my hand, it was heavy, a lot heavier than it looked and wrapped in a glistening metallic paper. Already I knew it was going to be something I loved and I couldn't even begin to guess what it was, so as I tore off the wrapping paper you can probably, only just, picture the excitement and shock on my face when I discovered she had bought me the Body Shop premium range box set, containing all the mango products. However, what you're probably not expecting is that although I love the Body Shop very very much, I haven't ever tried some of their most popular or 'well known' products. No, I've never picked up a Body Shop body butter and had the pleasure of working it into my skin or using a sugar scrub to exfoliate my arms in the shower. I'm one very lucky person and it seemed only fitting to write a 'first impressions' blog post about the products and my thoughts on them (I've also…

Dupes Den | Collaboration

I'm very lucky because I'm able to collaborate with a whole range of blogs and lovely bloggers. Today, I'm bringing you a collaboration with the lovely Make Up Majesty, where we discuss some dupes! I'm going to, of course, leave all of Make Up Majesty's links at the end of this post so as soon as possible you should go and click on her blog, give the post a little read, say hello and give her a follow!
However, without further ado let me get into discussing the dupes! I don't have many high end make up products so most of these dupes I will be basing on looks and other reviews I've heard, as well as giving you my opinions on the low end products! It's something a little different but I hope to provide some informative reviews of some of my favourite products!
REVOLUTION Redemption Palette Iconic 3 Dupe for: Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. This palette has been here, there and everywhere. It appears all over my Instagram feed, at least once on a daily basi…

A Day In My Life | Collaboration

I'm lucky, each day that goes by something totally different so when writing a day in my life post it's a little tricky to write about something which isn't consistent. So as much as today is the day I've chosen to share with you, it's not that 'normal' but something I enjoyed doing. This post is also a wonderful collaboration with Elizabeth from! I'll leave all her links below so make sure to have a look and a read. 
07:40 - Wake up! So lovely not having to get up at 6am for work and having a lovely, refreshing nights sleep.
08:00 - Sit up! I spent a little time finishing off my vlog for today and uploading and publishing it on my vlogging channel 'Extra Emsi'.
09:00 - Shower time! A quick wash before getting dressed, doing my make up and hair.
09:30 - Walkies! Off on a dog walk with my happy pooch Ebony. I love her so very much.

10:00 - Breakfast! Has a toasted bagel with butter, delicious!

10:20 - Left my house to wa…


Following up my previous post: 'You Are Beautiful' I'm writing you this one. I asked for you all to get involved and you did, sending me photos and messages inspired by the post. Now, I am kicking of the post which I would love to see some of you write your own versions of on your blogs.  Title your post #IAmBeautiful and make sure to let me know you've written it in the comments here or on any of my social media platforms, they're positioned at the side of my post and I'll pop them at the bottom too.  Then, if you aren't anonymous, (this part is optional) post a photo of yourself. Below it list 10 things you like about the way you look, this is body confidence after all! As well as this, list 5 things you like about your personality, because we have to be mentally positive too! Then ask your blog readers (or vlog watchers, or instagram and twitter followers) to do the same. You can also ask or 'tag' specific people to do it too. So lets get feelin…