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I want a fresh start.

I'm not happy with my blog or my YouTube. It's down to me to change it. I published a post a couple of weeks ago which I titled 'blogs are like trains' and I still stand by everything that I said in that post but right now, and for a while, I have needed a refresh. A button which I press and a clean slate is presented for me to doodle all over. I don't know if I expected everything to change like magic or overnight and for me to suddenly be happier with the content I'm producing but even so what I thought was going to happen did not happen and I need to hit refresh again. I need a re-branding, new focus and direction to travel in because I am not the same as I was two years ago. I've changed and that's not a bad thing but it does mean that I need to address it, even if this post is just for myself and to power myself into giving my all and producing content I'm happy with.
So to keep this short and sweet I'm going to say nothing more. I'm g…

Sick Day Essentials

I think I'm quite lucky, I don't get ill all that often and when I do it's usually not that bad... I say that, I'm probably a pain when I'm ill. However there are some home comforts you always want when you're under the weather and since I was feeling a little sick this weekend it seemed like the perfect time to share with you my sick day essentials. Especially as Autumn and Winter are on the way and that's when colds seem to become a lot more common.
The basics for a sick day go as follows: Olbas Oil, Paracetamol or Ibuprofen (if needed), tissues, time and rest. They're a given and something I probably don't have to explain. However there are a few things I like to have when I'm feeling ill. I usually start by setting up a comfortable place to dwell: tucked up in bed or in a sea of blankets on the sofa. I try and move out of my room because I don't want to be stuck in it 24/7.  It's essential in this modern era to have some access to i…

Autumn Lip Picks

Seventeen Lip Crayon in Heartbreaker Nivea Pearl Lip Balm Make Up Revolution Lip Stick in Looking Ahead MUA Matte Lip Stick in Wild Berry Rimmel London Lip Stick in 077 Asia
Autumn is fast approaching and I, for one, could not be more excited. I'm ready for the colder weather, cosy jumpers and, of course, deeper, darker lipsticks. Burnt browns, rusty reds and pale pinks, you name them and I want to wear them. I've got a particular soft spot for rusty reds, which are a new discovery of mine and a shade I find suits my skin tone the most. Each product I have shown here is available in the drug store and are all quite cheap, so they're perfect for those of you on a budget this season. The Seventeen lip crayons are some of my favourite lip products, none of them are matte, but they come in a beautiful selection of colours. Heartbreaker in particular is a deeper red but has gold flecks in it, so is perfect for... dare I say it... CHRISTMAS! I've also been grabbing the Make Up R…

August Favourites

Happy September! I now feel that it is officially Autumn, although calendars state otherwise, I'm looking forward to everything about these next few months: a new school year, colder weather, the changing of the leaves on trees, Halloween and, dare I say it?! Christmas!! Every month my subscription box and social media feeds start to flood with favourites videos and posts and because I love reading and watching them so much I'm doing my own.

Colour Me Mindful BUTTERFLIES by Anastasia Catris Staedtler Ergo Soft Triangular Coloured Pencils (24) Seventeen Lip Crayon in Bold and Knockout Elegant Touch False Nails in Copacabana Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Paint in Flamingo Primark Maxi Dress On The Other Side by Carrie Hope Fletcher Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Lush BB Seaweed Face Mask The Body Shop PiƱita Colada Body Sorbet Carambar Sweets Saffron Barker Vlogs Stranger Things
I've filmed, uploaded and published an August Favourites video over on my YouTube Channel 'Emsi Rose&#…