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Passion #ThursdayThoughts

Hello lovely people,

I hope you're having a wonderful day and have spent moments doing something you really enjoy.
doing what we love inspires others:
source: pinterest

As you're reading this I am helping at my Sixth Form open evening and last Thursday I was doing the exact same, except that it was for the entire school. Whilst wondering the Chemistry department I came across a year 7 boy, short in height, friendly and, more than ever, passionate about what he was doing in that moment. 

He asked me: 'can I show you how to do this experiment?' and although, I've done the test for hydrogen many times over the course of my school career, I said yes because I could see the excitement in his eyes to talk me through what he was doing. As he added the Magnesium to the Hydrochloric acid I placed my thumb over the test tube and he lit a wooden splint in the bunsen burner. He swiftly brought the splint over and got me to move my hand a squeaky pop sound could be heard, indicating that hydrogen was present. Hearing the pop his eyes lit up and he looked so proud of himself, thanking me for letting him talk through the experiment and then turning to show someone else.

The passion and excitement he was showing in that moment were wonderful to see and it ignited my passion and love for chemistry. It makes me want to put my all into everything I do and try to enjoy everything I love that little bit more. Take blogging, for example, I want to plan and prepare and be proud of every single post I put up because it makes me happy. I shouldn't be embarrassed to talk about things that make me happy and you shouldn't either.


  1. I absolutely loved this! The little thoughts mean a lot this will definitely stick with me for a wile! A very inspiring post here em.xx Love youu

    1. That's lovely to hear, thank you! Love you too xo

  2. I loved this post and the anecdote you shared! Things like this are what give me motivation to work harder, and have hope for younger generations xx

  3. Those moments in life, are the ones we hold onto forever. I loved this post, and I totally agree - why should be ashamed to talk about something you enjoy!

    - Lou Loves //

  4. I saw you talk about this on your Instagram story and it is so true. My passion for blogging is what makes me carry on and I have learnt to not be embarrassed of it. Such a lovely post, so glad you shared it!
    Grace xx

  5. This is so inspiring and definitely what I needed to read right now! xx

  6. Such a lovely post! I always find myself second guessing the posts I write but am trying to become more confident in what I write about and how I write!

    1. Me too! It's wonderful that you're trying to do that! xo


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