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Spill the Beans Q&A with Lou Loves

This post is a collaboration with the lovely Lou Loves! I've been reading her blog for a while now and love it, head over to have a read of her question answers.

I really want to do more chatty posts so that I can engage with you guys and so that you can get to know me, as a blogger, better. The feedback I got back on my most recent rambling post (click herefor a read) was really encouraging and I never really think as my blog as a place to sit down and chat about things on my mind but that's what I would like it to be, so that's what I'm going to make it.
What inspires you? @urghitsarah Who inspires you and why? @blossomandaisyy I'd say there are many things and people that inspire me so I really couldn't just name one. All my friends inspire me for different reasons, the things thy conquer in everyday life and the way they achieve their goals encouraged me to keep dreaming and reaching higher in my personal life. However bloggers, no matter home many followers,…

OUTFIT: Jeans Ripped at the Seams

Okay... so I'm not really too sure what to write for an outfit post but I fancied doing one as I had these photos from a recent trip to the seaside and not much time as I've been in London over the Easter weekend (photos coming from both trips very soon!) so here's some photos and a short summary of what I'm wearing. Click the shops to be taken to the page!
Top - H&M Jeans - River Island Shoes - Vans
much love xo

Monday Mayhem

Prepare yourself for a long, ramble-filled post containing a collection of my thoughts that when put together on one web page, like this, probably don't make sense.
As you're reading this I'm sat on the beach, hopefully the sun is shining but living in England the rain could be pouring, you just never know. However, as I'm writing this I'm sat in my very tidy room: hoovered, dusted and organised, it's a very nice place to be. My hair is soaking wet, Boots own-brand tea tree & witch hazel charcoal face mask sinking into my skin (5 minutes to go) and my spotify chill playlist on shuffle (current song: I Want You by The Kooks). I couldn't be bothered lighting a candle but my fairy lights are twinkling and I feel calm, at peace. Are you able to sense any tranquility through this post? I'm certainly feeling it.
I feel like this is a case of long time, no blog. I do believe a month is the longest I've gone without writing a blog post since 2014 (the b…