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Monday Mayhem

Prepare yourself for a long, ramble-filled post containing a collection of my thoughts that when put together on one web page, like this, probably don't make sense.

As you're reading this I'm sat on the beach, hopefully the sun is shining but living in England the rain could be pouring, you just never know. However, as I'm writing this I'm sat in my very tidy room: hoovered, dusted and organised, it's a very nice place to be. My hair is soaking wet, Boots own-brand tea tree & witch hazel charcoal face mask sinking into my skin (5 minutes to go) and my spotify chill playlist on shuffle (current song: I Want You by The Kooks). I couldn't be bothered lighting a candle but my fairy lights are twinkling and I feel calm, at peace. Are you able to sense any tranquility through this post? I'm certainly feeling it.

I feel like this is a case of long time, no blog. I do believe a month is the longest I've gone without writing a blog post since 2014 (the birth year of this random little site) last year I would have thought 2 weeks was an awfully long time to not blog and feel a little lost when trying my hand at it again but not now. In the grand scale of things one month isn't really that long but it feels like a life time. However, returning this time doesn't feel as daunting. Due to a number of reasons, probably, such as me keeping up to date with social media, it means I feel as if I haven't been gone as long and that I'm being welcomed with open arms. Not that coming or going is a big deal, people enter and leave our lives all the time, but I do feel like I need to stick up a big sign and write across my forehead I'M BACK!! COME READ MY BLOG AGAIN!

I've also changed the design, you like it? I do, it feels like the modern, up to date blog design I've been wanting for a while but couldn't find or afford and then boom blogger released some new designs and this one seems the perfect fit for me. Isn't it funny how things fit into place when you stop looking or aren't searching? Life has a funny way of handing you rewards earlier than you were expecting or later than you wanted. So with that I'm trying not to want, of course, it's human nature to want things. Or maybe it isn't, I'm not expert, maybe if we weren't aware we could want things we wouldn't? However, I want would like to lesson the amount I want things because I think it will make me happier. Can always try... and if it doesn't work, I'll just revert back to old me.

Anyways, it's getting a little late now so I'll see you on Friday. Oh! I forgot to say I'm attempting a blog schedule (as voted for by my wonderful twitter followers) come back on Mondays and Fridays for new posts, plus a bonus collaboration on April 19th! The collaboration is a Q&A too so if you have any questions let me know on any of my social media or in the comments, thank youuu.

much love xo


  1. i really enjoyed reading this! love the new layout & the kooks omg!! i recently updated my blog and it's made me feel really motivated, i'm so glad for the new layouts!

    anna x

    1. Thank you so much! I love the Kooks (wish I was able to get tickets for their tour!) and can't wait to have a look at your new blog layout xo

  2. Had fun reading this, glad you're back. Loving the new layout as well btw. Can't wait for new posts in the future x

    Sophie's Spot

  3. Really lovely little post and I'm so pleased to see you back at blogging, certainly missed you! Can't wait for more posts and hopefully some bit like this one!! Lily xx

    1. PS! Lovvinnnngggg your new layout and general design x

    2. Thank youuuuu!! I've missed blog too xo


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