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Spill the Beans Q&A with Lou Loves

This post is a collaboration with the lovely Lou Loves! I've been reading her blog for a while now and love it, head over to have a read of her question answers.

I really want to do more chatty posts so that I can engage with you guys and so that you can get to know me, as a blogger, better. The feedback I got back on my most recent rambling post (click here for a read) was really encouraging and I never really think as my blog as a place to sit down and chat about things on my mind but that's what I would like it to be, so that's what I'm going to make it.

What inspires you? @urghitsarah
Who inspires you and why? @blossomandaisyy
I'd say there are many things and people that inspire me so I really couldn't just name one. All my friends inspire me for different reasons, the things thy conquer in everyday life and the way they achieve their goals encouraged me to keep dreaming and reaching higher in my personal life. However bloggers, no matter home many followers, inspire me to keep blogging and sharing my thoughts. There's definitely a mix!

How do you stay motivated to blog? @ alicejlorna
Other bloggers, people that read my blog (lovely comments always make me smile) and I love it. I love the process of writing and I find it a really good way to relax and share my thoughts. I also try to avoid too much pressure on myself whilst doing it because there's plenty of pressure in school and everyday life, so it's almost an escape, I do it for fun and myself. The motivation comes naturally, I'm lucky.

What's your most embarrassing moment? @alicejlorna
I probably have a fair few embarrassing moments but I've probably pushed them to the back of my mind... I can't really think of one super embarrassing moment to share. Maybe the time I fell over because my shoe laces got caught in each other? Did hurt my knee though...

What do you want to achieve in the next 5 years? @blossomandaisyy
What is one of your future goals? @prettypolitical_
The next 5 years of my life are very important. I'm currently studying my A levels, so I would love to achieve good grades than I'm happy with and hopefully that will lead onto me studying a course I love at a University I like.
Personally, I would also like to look into YouTube. I know I keep saying it and saying it and it's probably getting annoying... I'm annoying myself but I would love to get a regular schedule upload and find time to do that.

Where would you like to travel to? @prettypolitical_
Rome! It's so full of history but also looks like a beautiful city!

What's your favourite memory? @theaveragegurlx
I have many wonderful memories, however one memory I really love and cherish is the family holiday I went on to Greece with another family.

What's the best thing about blogging? @theaveragegurlx
Interacting with other people and feeling like I have my space and outlet to express myself in a way that I feel comfortable and content (very nice feelings).

Do you have a favourite book that you an repeatedly re-read? If yes, why? @theaveragegurlx
From my childhood, The Faraway Tree triology by Enid Blyton, it just transports the reader to such a magical place.

What skincare product could you not live without? @theaveragegurlx
Probably a good make up remover, Micellar Water has been a wonderful addition in my life!

If you were a fruit, what would you be and why? @joelbearn_
Lou and I both really loved this question and had a good giggle about it. I think it's definitely tricky but the conclusion would have to be a strawberry (or mango apparently...) because they're small and sweet.

What songs are you loving at the moment? @ everythingxerin
Divide. I'm really enjoying the whole album, but also Sign of the Times. However in more of my type of music definitely any Catfish and the Bottlemen.

Do you ever have writers blog and are you ever stuck for post ideas? @itsmee.x
Definitely! I think it's totally natural and sometimes I'm just a bit stuck on how to write out what I'm thinking and post ideas are always appreciated!

Where would you go during a gap year and why? @whisperingviolets
I'm going to Ecuador for 4 weeks over July so I suppose that's kind of like a gap year! I would love to help people, travel and experience different cultures. However, being practical I would definitely try to get a job and save up!

What song instantly reminds you of summer? @whisperingviolets
Cake by the Ocean by DNCE

Go to outfit? @somethingaboutrosie
Jeans and a crop top, also preferably a jacket, because I live in Britain where the weather is unpredictable!

Have you got a holiday planned for this year? @gracexkate
Ecuador! As mentioned above, exciting!!

What do you think you would be doing now if you had never started your blog? @asprinkleofoliviaa
I don't think it's impacted my life so much that much wouldn't change a lot. Blogging has taught me so much and I probably wouldn't have taken English Language at A level but I think other than that nothing else.

What was the last thing you bought and why? @daisyy_petals
Hmm... trying to think what! Argan Micellar Water, going to try it out!

Whats your favourite high end palette? @daisyjaneblog
I've not got any super high end palettes but the Naked Palettes look great!

Thank you so so much for all your questions, if you have anymore feel free to leave them in the comments below.

much love xo

say hello to Lou:


  1. I loved your answers hun! Have fun in Ecuador - it sounds incredible! We need to collaborate again soon!

    1. Thank you! Expect a post, I'm super excited and definitely!! xo

  2. Lovely post!!x

  3. This post was really chatty and interesting- a good selection of questions. I also dream of going to Rome- I need to see that Colosseum! As a fruit, I'd probably end up as a banana, dependable, honest and loved by the best people! Such a fun read!!

    1. Thank youu, Rome is so full of history, isn't it?! A banana is a great choice haha xo

  4. I love your answers! I would also really love to travel to Rome one day! Thanks for answering my question, I have also been loving Sign Of The Times lately x

    Erin // Everything Erin

    1. Welcome lovely! Thanks for reading xo

  5. Loved reading this and getting to know you better! And thank you for answering all the questions I asked x

    1. Thank you! Thank you for your questions :) xo

  6. Loved your answers! Great post :)


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