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Today's post: a full guide to slowing down in a busy world and living for the most minutes of the day.

I'm not going to pretend to be an expert, I definitely don't know how to make the most out of every second of every day. I don't think anyone ever could. We need to make time for the 'boring' things which keep us healthy or happy. We also need to feel emotions, and when they're negative it's very hard to not feel like the we're wasting precious time, be assured you're not. However what I am going to say is that I'm trying to do is capture the best moments and living for the most minutes in our day by giving myself and my all to everything I do when I do it.

I've accepted that when I do that it may come across as obsessive, it may come across as full on, it may be too much at times but I'm going to live my life for me. Not you, not my neighbour, not my best friends or any boyfriend I ever have. As, you see, these people may (or may not *fingers crossed*) come and go and if I dedicate everything I do at that point fully to them then what will I have left if they ever do leave? (by no means am I saying they will but what I am saying is that time moves forward and it's another reason to look out for yourself) I'm a people pleaser so in some situations living for me will definitely include caring for my friends and going out of my way to help someone or do something I wouldn't automatically think to do. However, that is (again) my choice.

I don't want to let life slip through my fingers and granted, it sometimes will. If I scooped up some sand I'm not going to able to keep hold of every grain. The aim of this is to make sure the grains I do pick up don't slip and if that means picking up less grains so I can fully support the ones I have, so be it.

I've taken my time to pin point the ways and areas in my life of which I want to maximise my time, live productively and how I'm going to go about it. We're all full of dreams but if we never come up with a plan then we will never make those dreams our reality. 

The way I feel I'll achieve the most and will be most effective in the long run is to forget how to multi task. Sounds a little crazy, I know, but we live in such a fast paced world where so much has to be done at once it becomes overwhelming. I'm overwhelmed. I once sat down with a friend and watched them pull up a Netflix show on their laptop, they then took out their phone and proceeded to check through all their social media: snapchat, instagram etc. At the time I thought 'ooh that looks fun' It looks relaxed, I'll give it ago and for a while I did it, I watched a YouTube video or the latest episode of my favourite Netflix series whilst scrolling through my twitter. I still, to this day, don't know why. Doing all of that feels like you're not actually doing anything. You're doing so much that you don't pay full attention to anything, you don't have the full enjoyment of discovering who A is and you don't fully appreciate the beautiful photo of a sunset an incredible photographer has just posted. You see it happen, you know it's happened but you didn't let it happen, you didn't feel the emotions that you would have felt if you were full invested. Everything becomes a blur, what's the point of doing any of it if you get nothing out of it? So, bye bye, multitasking. Yes, I have music on in the background whilst writing this post, but no, I'm not checking my phone and replying to any snapchats because I'll enjoy talking to my friends when that's all I'm doing.

Doing things for necessity. If you haven't watched The Minimalists documentary Minimalism on Netflix I strongly recommend you do. (another recommended documentary: HAPPY) It's not a documentary that tells you that you have to get rid of everything, it's something that explains one way in which we can live for now and for us, that way being: minimalism. It's not made me convert to minimalism but it has made me a conscious consumer (I like that phrase) because I'm now more aware of what I'm buying, what I'm doing and, most importantly, why.

I always seem to write in triples when I do blog posts. Three pieces of advice, three key points, triadic structure... I seem to swear by it, but funnily enough for this post I can't think of more ways (yet) that I'm going to catch life. So I'd love to hear from you, in the comments, for number three. How do you stop sand grains slipping through your fingers? What makes you tick and would you consider yourself a conscious consumer? I haven't given myself a definition for that term, it's just whether I believe I am and I do. So now I'm off to do one thing: something with purpose.

much love, em xo


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