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Happy September everyone! I can't believe we're already this far into 2017 but with the dawn of another month there's so much to look forward to. From back-to-school, which I know isn't everyone's cup of tea but something I think we should really cherish and be eternally grateful for: a good education, as well the leaves browning on the trees and the nearing of autumn (I'm SO super excited for this one but I'm going to save it for a while as we should probably embrace the the last moments of summer). However for most of us girls each month also brings about our periods. Yep, I said it with absolutely no shame, no skipping around it because to be quite frank it's a fact of life, it's healthy and it's normal. For some of us it really really sucks. I seem to be a lucky one that doesn't get too badly effected but I've been there: cramps, mood swings, pain and just generally feeling awful, so to anyone who is filled with dread of mother natures arrival: hugs, it really can suck.

I think for all those reasons that's why when Betty Box got in touch with me I jumped on it to work with them and produce my first ever post working with a brand (pretty crazy that blogging's come to that, it really is). Here is where I add the little disclaimer that although Betty Box have sent me this box for free (thank you, thank you, thank you!) all the opinions I'm voicing in this post are my own.

The idea behind Betty Box is that it's a subscription service so when that wonderful time comes around you're prepared. Not only has it got all the essentials in three neat little sections: for now, for later, for night but also (probably my favourite section): for you, which contains a selection of goodies - you guessed it: for YOU. To treat yourself and just receive something nice when you're feeling a bit rubbish.
The great thing about Betty box is that you can personalise your essentials, getting a choice between tampons, pads or both and then further refine it by choosing from some of the most popular brands, including body form and always.

I thought within this post I'd also give a little review and summary of the For You section of the August Box I've also decided to add the prices of each of these products and a little bit of information about them. Inside the box there's a booklet with information on each product but obviously I can't hand that to you to read!

- Spa To You Natural Konjac Sponge (£7.99) V
I've never heard of a Konjac Sponge and I'm excited to try it: 100% Natural Vegetable Fibre, 100% Biodegradable, No Animal products or added chemicals, preservatives and colours - sounds right up my street!

- Saturated Colour, Colour Switch (£9) CF
It's simply a white lipstick to mix or apply along with any lipstick to alter it's colour: sounds fun don't you think?

- Urban Veda Daily Purifying Facial Wash (£12.99 for 150ml) Ve / AAT / CF
I've never heard of this brand but this particular products looks good for oily skin, which I'm particularly prone to around that time of the month and as a teenager.

- My Flawless Blusher Brush (£9.99) Ve / AAT / CF
This is brush company I've never heard of before, however I will definitely be purchasing from them in the future. They're brushes are all PETA approved vegan and cruelty-free, not to mention eco-friendly, affordable and good quality.

- Stylondon Henna Tattoos (£5.99)
Adhesive, easy to remove tempory tattoos.

- The London Tea Company Purple Tea (£3 for 20 pack) FT / Ve
Purple tea is great for cramps, so it's great they've included products that you won't only enjoy but will also benefit you.

- Rhythm 108 Lemon and Ginger Biscuits (£12 for 12 packets: 24 biscuits) Ve
Vegan, Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free and delicious! I'm eating one right now and it's sooo good.

As you can see there's quite a range of products for you to try and a lot of them cost a lot more than the box itself, which if you ask me is a pretty good deal. I've also added some letter codes and I'll pop the key at the end of the post.

Two more important points:
1. I don't want to promote products on my blog that are tested on animals, I simply don't believe it's necessary when there are so many alternatives. It was key for me to discover Betty's stance on animal testing so here is the statement I got sent from their head office:
"We always aim to have cruelty free products in our boxes however it is harder to control this with bigger brands! I can't guarantee that all of the products inside the box will be cruelty free however the majority definitely will be! It is one of our most important aims when sourcing products for the box. We are strongly against any animals having been harmed or tested on and we wouldn't want to advertise this within our box. We in no way support this!"

2. This box does include food and there's so many different diet choices people follow, from vegan to vegetarian to eating meat and/or fish, as well as allergies of nuts, milk and gluten. I'm also aware that people also have specific dietary requirements due to health issues (eg: diabetes) too so it was important to me to enquire about this. Luckily the food is only a small portion of the box (one or two items) and this month it was all vegan. I've been informed that at other times it hasn't been and sadly there is no current way to tailor the box and any food it may contain to your personal needs. For example the biscuits in this box wouldn't have been suitable for nut allergy sufferers but were vegan and vegetarian. I've let Betty know my thoughts, so hopefully one day there might be a way to tailor the box.

Personally, I think this is a pretty great idea. It's something I'll be probably looking into more at uni due to being on a budget and getting so much for the price you pay.

You can get your first box from Betty for £6.99 and each box after for £10.50. The subscription can be cancelled at any point. Head to:  (this link is not monetised).
Although I was sent this box for free, all opinions are my own and I have not been additionally paid.

V - vegetarian
Ve - vegan
CF - cruelty free
AAT - against animal testing
FT - fair trade


  1. This looks like a really interesting box! That's a lot of products for such a reasonable price as well. Although I don't get periods due to my contraceptive implant, I love the idea of receiving something to make you feel a bit better when you feel rubbish!
    Loved this post, thanks for sharing!
    Beth x
    Adventure & Anxiety

    1. Thank you!! It's definitely a great idea xo


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