I don't know about you but I can find social media pretty overwhelming sometimes. There's all these rules and expectations and standards: some which simply can never be met, shouldn't be a thing and can result in you feeling not so great about yourself. I got tired a long time ago of worrying about likes, comments, follows and started using my social media as an addition to my life, that enriched it. I want it to make me feel good about myself and inspire me, instead of setting unrealistic beauty standards or just being bombarded with peoples perfect lives. We have every right to show the best side of ourselves on our social media accounts, we want to present the best version of ourselves to the world 24/7 and that definitely, most certainly, includes social media but why should the best version of ourselves fit a stereotype or feel like we have to fit into a little box of what is 'best' or 'good enough' and I always seemed to see the same image of this 'perfect person' online and whilst that perfect person was beautiful, it doesn't fit everyone. I'm going to keep this short and sweet but if you follow an account because you feel you should, rather than because you want to: hit unfollow because the social media world isn't the real world. If you're looking for some inspirational or interesting accounts to follow too, here's my top 10.

Instagram: @dothehotpants
Dana, who runs the account, seems lovely. She's speaking out not only on the issues she's experienced/experiences throughout her life but is also a feminist talking about women and body hair. Something I've not seen an awful lot of but I know will be very close to some other feminists.

Instagram: @bodyposipanda
Megan is a blogger who is super body positive and every post she puts up is beautiful, positive and empowering. I need to get my hands on her book.

Instagram: @BBCearth
Beautiful wild life photography can be found right here, with some incredible facts about the animals and world too.

Instagram: @happyskinkitchen
Not only do I love the recipes and look of the food Elisa shared but I LOVE watching her instagram stories.

Twitter: @dodo
For animal people.

Twitter: @positive_plant
I love this account, it's so cute. Shares inspirational quotes and a 'pep talk' at the beginning of every month.

Twitter: @TheMinimalists
Minimalism. A new but exciting concept for me and something I definitely want to know more about. There's a documentary on Netflix too if you're interested.

Twitter: @EthicalHour
#EthicalHour is a twitter chat which takes place every Monday from 8 to 9pm. It focuses on ethical and sustainable business, something I think we should all be concerned with.

I love Carrie. Her videos ooze comfort and happiness, she's so talented, works hard and a bubble of energy. She's also currently Wednesday Addams in the UK Tour of The Addams Family.

YouTube: Hannah Blair
Everything about Hannah relaxes me, her YouTube is growing and her kind words are being listened to by so many more - make sure you're one of them!

What accounts should I follow?

E xo


  1. I ADORE Carrie and @positive_plant, so i will definitely give your other recommendations a look! I just took a look at The Dodo and OH MY DOG it is so wonderful, aaah thank-you :D I really recommend @dog_olympics on twitter if you haven't found it, gives me daily smiles and smiles for days!

    Bumble & Be

    1. Thank you!! I'll have to give it a follow xx


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