I am strong.
I am clever.
I am pretty.
I am motivated.
I am good enough.
I can do it.
Those are all phrases that I need to say to myself more often and I think any of my close friends reading this will probably agree. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful, confident and inspiring people every day: people who push through the toughest times in their life because they can and they have to. I think we all have it within us: when the going gets rough, we get tough. I do it too, not knowingly, but I would say I continue through life, bumbling along even when I don't find it the easiest. Anyone who doesn't know me too well might think it's because I'm strong or confident or always a positive thinker. I am not. Well... those are the words I usually say to myself but I've decided that's not how it's going to be anymore. Not out of arrogance or believe that I am better than anyone else but because we all deserve self love, self confidence and the feeling happiness with ourselves, who we are and our abilities. It is time I provide myself with that, because as much as other people can help, it is ultimately us that decides to accept and decline or believe certain things. We could be faced with the most accurate fact in the world but if we don't accept or believe in it, then we can't take steps forward to act upon it.

Sadly, there are no set rules to achieve self love. In fact, I don't think there's even a way to tell when we get to the point where we are truly happy with ourselves. But, as with many things in life, it's a journey and the journey is towards acceptance so if we set ourselves little goals I think (for me anyways) it will certainly help us along the path to feeling happier, confident or just simply a little better within ourselves. Therefore I'm setting October as my month of self love. As well as now engaging in bed time yoga (more on that in a future post) I stumbled across an Autumn Self - Care list on Pinterest by a blogger called Blessing Manifesting who you should 100% go and follow. I'm going to follow her post, in addition to creating a few goals of my own.

Get up and out of bed every weekday at 7am - As autumn calls, the daylight hours shorten and as much as I love it, it does make early mornings so much more difficult. There's always a crisp, brisk slightly too cold feeling in my bed room when I wake up. It makes me want to close my eyes and cocoon under the duvet, hibernating and only re-emerging when a celebration like Halloween, Bonfire Night or Christmas comes around. As fun as that sounds though, I love this time of year and I want to capture every day, making the most of it instead of then turning up to school having ran 50 laps around the house in a hurry.

Exercise - Just a little everyday, but enough to feel empowered, motivated, inspired and accomplished.

30 minute room clean, every night - Ever heard the saying tidy room, tidy mind? I have and it's something I think if I stuck to a little more I might find true. My bedroom should be a living space, not a storage space and most nights after the rush to get to school I've turned by bedroom floor into a little bit of a mess. I can change that by simply allocating time to fix that in the evening.

Putting the phone down and picking a book up - Ecuador. I haven't mentioned it that much on here, it at all, but I've probably mentioned it a little too much in my day-to-day life. It was a life changing experience but one month without a phone and I definitely felt better so now is the time to say stop. You're back in old habits. Put the phone down.

As for the 28 days:

01 - Comfy pjs? Out they come.
02 - Favourite quotes? Write them down.
03 - Celebrate your body.
04 - Do something you've been afraid to do.
05 - Embrace the concept of warmth.
06 - Buy or make something to add to your autumn wardrobe.
07 - Unplug.
08 - Wash your bed sheets. Bring out the blankets.
09 - Cook a warm, winter recipe.
10 - Ask yourself how you are. What do you need? What do you want?
11 - Enjoy a morning beverage, outside.
12 - Let go of that thing that has been bothering you. Write it down and tear it up.
13 - Start a 7 day gratitude practice.
14 - Practise yoga or have a massage.
15 - Choose a bad habit. Set yourself goals to work on it.
16 - Light candles and RELAX.
17 - Strive to make a good work life balance.
18 - Declutter.
19 - Go outside. Spend time writing.
20 - Bake something nice and share.
21 - Warm blankets, windows open, nap.
22 - Indulge: sweet treat? warm drink?
23 - Nature walk. Take some photos.
24 - Slow down. Savour the day.
25 - Get spiritual.
26 - Apples. Apple anything.
27 - Write a letter, release your emotions.
28 - Practice Hygge: the art of coziness.

'Be gentle with yourself, you're doing the best you can'

E xo

ps. this is the first post of blogtober. I'm going to be posting everyday for the month of October, so check this space everyday at 6PM for a new post.


  1. This was such a lovely post! I always love the idea of self-care but never really get round to doing all the things that people would call 'self-care' such as hot baths. I think that different people have different ideas of self care and different things will be affective for different people. I don't really find baths very relaxing and I usually just want to get out, but I really enjoy taking pictures so you could say that photography is a good form of self care for me but someone else might like a bath. Xx



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