Fast-paced, quick moving and never stopping. Pretty much sums up our society, nothing stops. and, whilst that's great: it means we do a lot, experience a lot and always feel busy, I do not believe it is good for the soul. We give to everything but I don't ever feel that I am because I'm doing so much at one time. From when I get up in the morning, sitting down to eat my breakfast it's a race against the clock. I'm worried I'll be late, so I eat, I cook, I scroll through my Instagram feed all at once and because of that I never seem to take in the fact that I am doing that. I need to slow down and I'm sure that I am probably not the only one. 

Like most people, I feel, I want to live. Thrive on every second of my life with every inch of my being. I think this can mainly be achieved by forming happy memories, experiencing new things and a general sense of happiness, purpose or success. However I want it to apply to most areas of my life everyday, not just on the occasion that I'm doing something out of my ordinary routine. Why shouldn't be everyday routine allow me to live, be happy, be well?

- One thing at a time. Multi-tasking is a great idea but I don't think it works in practise. So much is going on that we don't dedicate our full attention to something, therefore everything takes longer and isn't executed to the same standard it could have been if we had done one thing fully, followed by another. It also doesn't allow us to experience or appreciate everything as a whole. You might hear but you won't listen.
- Allow things the time they need. Time is precious and when things are in a rush time feels as though it is slipping through your fingers. It doesn't need to be like that if you think something needs to be done, do it and spend the time that it deserves. Deadlines need to be hit but I will be prepared.
- Take time for yourself. Not doing something for you means you're always doing things that need to be done. There's no fun or happiness in that. Every night I read, it's my 'me time', every week I have a bath to relax, asses my thoughts and prepare.
- Breathe deep, long and hard. Focus on your body, how you're feeling and what you need. Things can fall into place after you've catered for yourself and your health: both mental and physical.

Put yourself first, in the end only you'll be there for yourself. Do things to make you laugh, make you happy and smile. Say yes to new experiences and feel free to run with the wind, push yourself but also be okay with saying no. Things can be too much, you can control them and you have a right to take anything at your own pace, it doesn't have to follow the tempo of the world.

E xo


  1. Loved reading this! I too should really slow down some times xx

    Sophie's Spot

  2. The part about multi-tasking is so true - i find i set myself up for failure/self-criticism because my plans are simply not realistic! The reality is, I wouldn't expect ANYONE ELSE to achieve the same, so why should i expect it of myself? One mindset that i find really helps me is "talk to 5-year-old you". Children are treated with patience and compassion and i need to remember that girl within me - she's still there!

    Bumble & Be

    1. That's such a good idea! I've never thought of that xo

  3. Loved this! You write so beautifully :)


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