HELLO AUTUMN are the words I want to shout at the top of my voice whilst kicking off the post because it is that wonderful time of the year when all the celebrations begin and I, for one, am feeling very festive. I believe one of the many things that invites the Halloween and (dare I say it?) Christmas spirits into our homes is not only the changing of the weather: shorter days and colder nights, is the feeling around us. When the shops begin to stock specific festive snacks, decorations from tacky to tasteful and all the little things that truly add to the festive fun. It could be taken as awful and overwhelming, shops stocking the shelves for profit and consumers blindly buying into the fun because it's the 'season of giving' and all marketed extremely well but as long as it makes a positive addition to our lives and we have fun, be happy then what's the use in complaining and not enjoying it?
For me, there is one specific store that always gets me a little bit more excited than others. It always brings out some classic products, as well as some newbies that may end up taking pride of place in my bath basket. That shop is Lush. A cosmetics store, that I am sure if you are reading this blog then you have probably heard of it and may, or may not, love it just as much as me.
This week has brought me my half-term holiday and although it is seeming to fly by (only two days left now!!) it has provided me with a nice chunk of time to forget about my responsibilities for a minute and fully relax, which is very much needed when sitting your A levels. Family time, I believe, especially around this time of year, is a very important part of unwinding and having a laugh or a good time. My family took a day to go to a shopping centre, although we didn't buy much and didn't plan on it we all spent time together. You're probably wondering how that is relevant to Lush but of course in a rather large shopping centre you would guess that there is a Lush Store so we nipped in and I picked up the Bewitched bubble bar - something new in their Halloween range this year.

I picked up this bubble bar because it looks pretty cute! With a simple black cat design, perfect for Halloween with two yellow eyes and a little nose. Funnily enough I went to smell it and the scent instantly lifted me. This year Lush discontinued and changed around 60 of their baths bombs, hopefully this means that there are more in the making. However, among these was their original bath bomb: Blackberry Bath Bomb. It was a pale lilac purple colour with hints of blue and had the word 'bomb' etched into the simple round design. It turned the bath water a shimmering deep purple colour and filled the air with a delicious blackberry scent. This bubble bar has that exact scent. My favourite scent.

"After a busy day whizzing around on a broomstick, ground yourself with olibanum and be spellbound by bergamot. Twitch your nose and breathe in this familiar blackberry scent. Whether in this life or one of the other eight, you'd be a fool to let this pass you by!" - Lush's product description

Although it doesn't change the water colour to purple. You only need a little bit of this to create mountains of bubbles and the harder the water flow the more bubbles you'll create. I reckon I will get around 3 uses out of this bar. Crumbling off each ear and then using what remains. If you use more then you will probably get a very haunted Halloween colour black bath. With hints of green running through it from the yellow eyes mixing with the black body. Using a little bit like me, but getting more uses leaves you with a more grey water but that wasn't a problem for me. With this bubble bar I got more bubbles that with any others that I'd used before though!

Like all of Lush's bubble bars it's simple to use, fills the room with a strong but not overpowering scent and slightly alters the bath water colour to something more fun. I personally loved it and only hope I'll be able to get a bath bomb or bubble bar in this scent now that the the Blackberry Bath Bomb has gone all year round.

Have you used any of this years Lush Halloween range and what are you looking forward to at Christmas?


  1. The Blackberry bathbomb was my favourite product too!Infact it was also the first one that I ever tried aha,its such a shame that it was discontinued.This product looks so cute though x

    1. Completely agreed!! It definitely is xo

  2. I'm gutted that the Blackberry one was discontinued! I really liked it! I haven't tried any of the new range, but it looks incredible! I'll have to pick something up before Christmas. Great post xx


    1. 100% do!! I'm also so disappointed, fingers crossed they'll bring it back! xo


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