I am happy. I am finally happy with my blog because I've found a solution, to be completely honest, I wasn't aware that I was looking for one, but one came and it fits. For the longest time I haven't felt like I've been blogging, not as a blogger anyway, but I wasn't sure why. I was a girl with a blog and I occasionally put up a post but the spirit of those posts wasn't the same as three years ago when I'd wait for a sunny day, grab my only lush face-mask and go outside to place it somewhere on my lawn and take a photo on my iPhone 4 (super lucky to have that phone but not so great quality when I zoomed in). The spontaneity and passion for my blog was fading, not because I didn't want to do it but because I wasn't enjoying how I was doing it. There were all these posts but together they didn't form the blog I want to have and the things I want to talk about, but I didn't feel I could take that step to make my blog what I wanted without removing those posts. There's a slight issue with that though... those posts tell a story. Those posts show my blog evolving. Those posts contain comments that make me smile and laugh and feel all the positive emotions. I couldn't just hit 'delete' on them, ever. and that was just for me.
I know when I'm reading other peoples blogs there are posts that really resonate with me, they become something I go back to when I want to be inspired or need a little pick-me-up. There's the possibility that my posts have done that for someone, even if it's only one person, and I couldn't take that away either. So, here I was faced with a dilemma because on the blogspot platform there is no magic button for me to press that archives all my posts so that I can't see them but you guys can. It would be very useful, but it's just not there. What could I do?

Well... I thought, I waited, I passed the time by occasionally putting up posts because I didn't want to quit all together. Then it hit me, why not just create another website: Emsi Rose 2.0, if you like. It's still me and it's still got the same URL but it's not got the old posts that caused me to step away from the computer. I have a blank canvas for my creativity and now the new version of my blog can bloom. I can take a guess that at this point you're probably wondering: if you said you didn't want to delete them, then where have all my posts gone? Well they're over at emsirose01.blogspot.com and you can visit them at any time. All my old posts are there, the blog layout is the same and you can find a link on the 'about me' page of this blog, it's my blog frozen in time up to this point and now from this point onward we are here, I am happy and very very excited.

Here's to a new era of Emsi Rose and so the adventure begins.  

E xo


  1. So excited to see you back! We've missed you ❤️

    1. hugs lovely! I'm so excited to be back and posting regularly xo


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