2018 is going to be the year of many things and I, for one, am excited. I'm excited to see what it will bring and how I will grow. I am ready to face any challenges thrown at me. I have never felt the excitement for the coming of a New Year like I have this time round, I'm not 100% sure what makes 2018 any different but it is. It might be the prospect of a new chapter of my life starting in September or October when *fingers crossed* I should be leaving to University or if it's just that the experiences I encountered in 2017 altered how I view things... for the better, of course. However, one thing I am certain of is that it is going to be a thrilling year.

Something I personally hope to make more of an effort with throughout this year is developing a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle. Now, that might sound like I am going to ditch everything I know to go and live in the wilderness, I'm not. But, I do want to discover ways in which I can live (as the internet would say) 'my best life' without compromising the needs of others in future generations and communities across the globe. 

I could probably write a whole blog post on reasons you should care about the impact our lives lead. Examples such as animal extinction around the world, climate change, global warming and environmental disasters all pop into my head, they're majorly important issues. However, the human within me also cares deeply about the things in life which fill me with immense joy, even if they aren't necessarily what's best for the planet. What compels me to keep trying to adjust my lifestyle, though, is the prospect that my actions will only come back to haunt me (in a sense). I truly believe the well being of the planet has a correlation with the human lifestyle and if we take care of our earth then it will take care of us.

It's tough and it is a long complicated journey to be educated, to care about the impact of our actions and it's also a little scary to become aware. Hopefully, if you'd like to make a few steps in a more sustainable direction this post will help you with 8 very small things to do this year.

Invest in reusable drinks containers.
Last year I wrote #StopThe100Billion a post talking about single use coffee cups, many people don't realise that they aren't recyclable and although a lot of companies are working towards another version, we need to start to change now. Reusable drinks containers are a great alternative, some large chains offer discounts if you use them (more about which companies here) and you can get some really pretty ones from brands such as Ecoffee. Whilst on the topic of single use cups, I also heavily recommend you pick up a double walled water bottle and if you've got a love for iced drinks then a reusable tumbler (if you do this please make sure it comes with a reusable straw).

Bag a bamboo toothbrush.
This time last year I didn't know that something as simple as a tooth brush could make such a difference but thinking about it, they really really do!! We are told that we are meant to replace throw away our tooth brushes around every three months. If everyone owns a toothbrush (just think about how many people are in your household) and if everyone regularly throwing them away, that is an unimaginable amount of plastic going straight to land fill and, eventually, the ocean and maybe even back into our food chains. Yet we can still get the same results and maintain our dental hygiene with a biodegradable bamboo tooth brush. They may be a little more difficult to get hold of but one you have it, the difference you're making will be amazing. I get mine from here.

Say NO to straws.
Similar to our plastic toothbrushes, where do those single use plastic straws go? Yet they aren't necessary for most of us to consume or enjoy a drink so I say ditch them. If you really can't, at least go on the hunt for glass ones!!

Carry a canvas bag.
Englands plastic bag usage has dropped 85% since the 5p tax was introduced in October 2015 (The Guardian), however this tax doesn't cover all plastic bags. For example, when we nip to the chippy they can give us a plastic bag without adding any extra charge to the receipt. So I'm making a pledge to pick up no more plastic bags this year and always have with me a canvas bag over my shoulder. Here are some that I thought were nice.

Pick plastic free.
Another simple, yet sustainable way of thinking is to go plastic free. Of course, this isn't possible with everything but if you're in a supermarket grab yourself some of the packaging free fruit and vegetables.

It can sometimes feel like we live in a really difficult world to make these choices in. It's occasionally overwhelming to go against the flow of what everyone else is doing, that is okay. One persons actions make more of a difference than you could ever imagine and if you want, suggest it to your friends that they could join you in a few of these things and begin to feel supported. However, also be strong in the knowledge that you are doing something good for your home: Planet Earth, there is no where else for us to go.
My last three things for 2018 are self care related, although our environment is important, the news can be scary and we need to care for ourselves in order to care for others and the planet.

Immerse yourself in yoga.
I decided to start completing bedtime yoga every night this year and it's really helped me to unwind after busy days and relax my body for sleep. I'm loving it and have every done a few poses whilst stressed with work to allow myself to take a breather. This morning I did some morning yoga and I felt so ready for the day. I follow YouTube tutorials and will have a post going up soon with the channels I've used, but I have found it to be the perfect exercise to engage in for mindfulness and movement.

Jot in a journal.
Another way to reflect and unwind, allow yourself to process your thoughts and feelings is a journal. I've been completing my Q&A a day journal at the end of each day and it's been a lovely time to reflect.

Leave the living room.
I also want to take more opportunities to leave the house this year, from walking around the block to catching the train to town or grabbing pop corn at the cinema. I am going to get out and live.

What things are you taking into 2018? Your goals?
Em xo

This post was written in collaboration with the beautiful Thoughtful Tash who has written her own '8 Things You Should Do In 2018'! Make sure you head over to her post, give her a follow and show some support.


  1. Absolutely loved this post girly, it was so interesting to read how easy it is to become more ethical this year- and I'm for sure going to be picking up some of these tips! Absolutely loved collabing with you, your post is fab!! -Tash xx

    1. Thanks!! You too, we must do it again sometime x

  2. Loved reading this! Hope you achieve everything you hope to this year X


  3. Loved this post it is definitely time to change and stop using so much plastic and clogging the planet!

    1. Thank you! We must certainly take responsibility for our actions and our environment x

  4. I've been saying no to plastic straws for the last year, trying to get the rest of my family to do the same. Loving this list x

    Sophie's Spot

  5. Such a great post! I always carry reusable bags with me everywhere but I definitely need to lower my use of plastic bottles which something that I'm working on this year! xx

    Faye | www.femaleoriginal.wordpress.com

    1. Best of luck with that! I hope your do well x

  6. I really want to get one of those Q&A a day journals!
    If we all used reusable water bottles and and coffee cups, it would reduce the amount of packaging waste so much!.
    Aleeha xXx

  7. *high five* This post just rekindle my Green heart. 2007 was the year I became Ethically aware of my surrounding and I must say it was a bit of an eye opener, and at the same time hard as the people I was living with didn’t care much about being eco-friendly. This post definitely made an impact to my heart as we need to be ethically aware of our surrounding for the benefit of the future generations. I will definitely be a subscriber. ☺️👍

  8. Looks like a great list of goals to aspire to.

    1. Thanks, I hope that they are goals other people can add to their lists too x


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