With my A Level exams quickly approaching I am struggling to find the time and, frankly, the brain space to think of new blog post ideas so there's been a little bit of a drought and (sadly) there will probably continue to be little to no posts until after June 18th (my last exam yayay!!).

Having said that, I couldn't help but log in and share with you my photos from the Declan Mckenna concert I enjoyed last night. These are the only photos I took and whilst it there are a lot less than previous concerts I've been to, I think that's a good thing. Only at moments did I feel any need to bring out my phone and snap a photo (luckily they all turned out pretty good... if I do say so myself) and I think that's a really testament to how immersed in the show I was. Not only because the atmosphere made me want to dance but also the fact I have become so much more self-aware and now live in the moment a lot more.
It was the best, not only to let go and just dance but to also escape the stress of revision and the pressure to get the grades for the uni I so desperately want to go to. If you're studying for GCSEs, A Levels or any other important exams I wish you the very best of luck! As hard as it is, allow yourself breaks and try to settle a work/life balance.

ps. If you've never heard of Declan Mckenna I strongly suggest you have a listen to his debut album 'What Do You Think About the Car?', my personal favourite song is The Kids Don't Wanna Come Home.