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Blogs are like Trains

I never thought I'd be posting a blog post similar to this one because I try to make and take each blog post as their own and my blog itself seems to fall under no category but I feel I need to write this for myself. For my own piece of mind.

I started this blog over two years ago, in fact, almost three years and I guess time really does fly when you're having fun. Those two years have flown by so quickly and I've only really been writing for an audience, thanks to some of my social media platforms, for a year and, my oh my, has this little space grown. I've received comments on most of the posts I've published since and there are people who actively choose to come back and say hello every time I post (they're some of my favourite people ever). I've discovered more blogs that I ever imagined the Internet could hold and I've loved every single one of them. You can't help but compare yourself but, luckily, I don't feel I have to compete to be bette…

Passion #ThursdayThoughts

Hello lovely people,
I hope you're having a wonderful day and have spent moments doing something you really enjoy.
As you're reading this I am helping at my Sixth Form open evening and last Thursday I was doing the exact same, except that it was for the entire school. Whilst wondering the Chemistry department I came across a year 7 boy, short in height, friendly and, more than ever, passionate about what he was doing in that moment. 
He asked me: 'can I show you how to do this experiment?' and although, I've done the test for hydrogen many times over the course of my school career, I said yes because I could see the excitement in his eyes to talk me through what he was doing. As he added the Magnesium to the Hydrochloric acid I placed my thumb over the test tube and he lit a wooden splint in the bunsen burner. He swiftly brought the splint over and got me to move my hand a squeaky pop sound could be heard, indicating that hydrogen was present. Hearing the pop his …

A Day In My Life | Collaboration

I'm lucky, each day that goes by something totally different so when writing a day in my life post it's a little tricky to write about something which isn't consistent. So as much as today is the day I've chosen to share with you, it's not that 'normal' but something I enjoyed doing. This post is also a wonderful collaboration with Elizabeth from! I'll leave all her links below so make sure to have a look and a read. 
07:40 - Wake up! So lovely not having to get up at 6am for work and having a lovely, refreshing nights sleep.
08:00 - Sit up! I spent a little time finishing off my vlog for today and uploading and publishing it on my vlogging channel 'Extra Emsi'.
09:00 - Shower time! A quick wash before getting dressed, doing my make up and hair.
09:30 - Walkies! Off on a dog walk with my happy pooch Ebony. I love her so very much.

10:00 - Breakfast! Has a toasted bagel with butter, delicious!

10:20 - Left my house to wa…